Creed Aventus what do you think legit or not ?

Hey guys ,
Newest purchase Creed Aventus what do you think legit or not ?
Of course it is not … I found out where the ” discount fragrance store” that can be found in china town buy their contrefeit stuff … 30$ shipped … that’s what they pay ..


  1. Ken Desloges says:

    I’m glad I’d only pay 30$ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ken Desloges says:

    I was looking for to buy a genuine fake … because chinatown supplier must be somewhere and I think I found where they buy it

  3. Ken Desloges says:

    Yes but I never sampled the real deal … but I plan to in montreal … next week… I got ripped of in chinatown few years ago on green irish tweed … and I knew how the real deal smelled and it’s pretty close … so I bet this one also

  4. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    If it was only $30 you already know its fake. How does it smell? Creed fakes used to be really terrible. Leaking and peeling paint and didnt even try to make it smell good. I bought a couple from alibaba a few years ago just to see what they were like and got refunded by my cc immediately.

  5. Paolo Ezio says:

    Authentic Aventus for $30…… drawing at straws lol

  6. Paolo Ezio says:

    Great batch if it were real

  7. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    Best Damn fake then

  8. Mats Nyman says:

    how is this a good fake lol?

  9. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    Go and argue with someone else.

  10. Serapio Silva says:

    Totally legit. Go and decant it for $30 per 10mls.

  11. Ken Desloges says:

    easy money ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Marci Szigeti says:

    Never saw a fake that actually resembled this much to the original.

  13. Ken Desloges says:

    that’s was my goal … I seeked a fake to have no french mistake … that the box look legit the black wrap around the bottle is not really good … Also no foil …

  14. Kevin Shackelford says:

    The funny thing is, the black lettering on my authentic Creed bottles chips off and this one looks solid lol.

  15. Paolo Ezio says:

    My 15Y11 Letters look like shit. The paint is peeling lmao

  16. Marouane Palmaress Erremich says:

    How does it smell ? ???

  17. Paolo Ezio says:

    Imagine it lasted 20 hours and smelt good lmao

  18. Ken Desloges says:

    I need to smell the real one before I can comment … ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Marouane Palmaress Erremich says:

    Get yourself backup bottles lmao

  20. Ken Desloges says:

    yeah … You could over apply … it’s cheaper than old spice ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Marouane Palmaress Erremich says:


  22. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:

    When you smell the real deal, let us know the comparison.

  23. Ken Desloges says:

    I will … So far If I follow the smelling note it sound in the range … I’m wearing this today and I see how it last

  24. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:

    Well, if it smells like pineapple with some birch wood in the back bone, it’s at least an imitation. But Aventus has a very particular smell.

  25. Ken Desloges says:

    Most of contrefeit stuff should be at least convincing at some point … GIT was so close that I got caught … And I smelt the real deal …

  26. Andrew Drafts says:

    Where in Chinatown?

  27. Ken Desloges says:

    I mean kind of stuff you got there I got it online

  28. Connor Rebuck says:

    That’s a great fake holy hell. Only sign is the atomizer

  29. Ken Desloges says:

    It should be white right

  30. Ken Desloges says:

    Only stuff ? That could tell?

  31. Connor Rebuck says:

    From the pictures, yea. That’s it

  32. Connor Rebuck says:

    Ken Desloges for $30 it’s a great fake. Here are the major differences tho, the atomizer is silver, the back of the bottle doesn’t connect flush, also, the silver part of the box that says Aventus, is a little discolored

  33. Ken Desloges says:

    Well I’ll try to find another seller that “corrected” those “issue “

  34. Ken Desloges says:

    **** update : longevity: 6-8 hours ( even with a karate class)

  35. Marouane Palmaress Erremich says:

    Sounds like a bad fake batch ???

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