Creed lovers, don’t cut my throat lol, after smelling

Creed lovers, don’t cut my throat lol, after smelling some of the creeds today, this is my ABSOLUTE favorite? this is the one ill be getting hubby for Christmas. Smells so sexy
P.s. smelled Aventus… Doesn’t smell bad, but in my opinion, def not the King of Creed??


  1. Robyn Smith says:

    Stephen Cabil this scent is beautiful for men .

  2. Stephen Cabil says:

    Robyn Smith People at my job go crazy over this! One my female coworkers asked me where I got it from. I jokingly told her its special made if ur a Prince or a King only ? instead of questioning me she said “really”

  3. Carl Safronenko says:

    I like it a lot. For the price I think it’s even better then Aventus. My favorite is Spice and wood…

  4. Robyn Smith says:

    This one should be considered the ? of Creed

  5. Jason Yeomans says:

    Did you get the heavenly melon RS ?

  6. Michael Andrews says:

    Rush of unicorns is better to me

  7. Baghdad Ameen Saida says:

    It doesn’t last that long , 4 To 5 hours max

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