Creed please stand to the side!!!!!!

Creed please stand to the side!!!!!!


  1. Khiesah Imeccah says:

    lol… oh wow

  2. Thise are great scents..i smelled both and love them ..but smell is subjective and different differebt things at different times.i am glad you showed these two..they deserve more love

  3. Rueben Shaw says:

    You have just helped me enhanced my ability to trust nose thanks!!!!

  4. Jean Blanc says:

    You do realize Creed has more than 30 fragrances in its catalogue. Which creed you’re talking about? A total waste of time.

  5. Mark Kirkham says:

    Put the crack pipe down and get some sleep better than creed ?

  6. I have the black Pasha Cartier, i love it…. great fragrance

  7. hahahahha …….. I love the voice ! Sound like you should do voice acting for Narnia or Harry Potter movies !!! ? …. anyway, Cartier is good, Creed is definitely NOT a joke. But your statement is too subjective! I don’t like many of Creed’s scents, but some of them are really respectable !!! Wait until you test out all of Creed scents, then make your statement. ?

  8. Rueben Shaw says:

    Mc Troy Creed is the top of the line!!!!!!

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