Customer just asked me asked me if I was

Customer just asked me asked me if I was wearing Sauvage.. Hell nah! Aventus fool!


  1. Kris Goss says:

    I was wearing pdm oajan and a girl asked if I was wearing joop ?

  2. Scotty Starrchild says:

    Wow! I’m sorry

  3. Douglas Hicks says:

    Dude me n wifey was in vegas shopin and stopped by a shop to purchase some cologne i wanted but didnt get cause i was wearing PDM Layton and she(sales lady) asked was i wearing dolce gabana which wasnt close.. i wanted this new cavalli release it had just come out and exclusive to 2 stores i never went back… i was pissed she couldnt tell the difference lol lol guess i dint want it bad enough.

  4. Douglas Hicks says:

    Sauvage is cool it smells a bit drakkarish to me….it aint close to Aventus…lol like wow if that person has ever smelled aventus you could never ever eeever by mistake confuse the two..

  5. further proof, no one cares what you wear

  6. I was asked if I was wearing Dolce snd Gabanna one when I was wearing…Burberry London.

  7. I just tell people the same thing everytime I’m asked what i’m wearing….. I tell them Axe body spray ????

  8. Abraham Castillo says:

    not even close lol. people tell me at work they liked savage and i look at them confused. like macho man randy savage??

  9. Wma van Winsberghe says:

    That customer obviously liked the fragrance you were wearing at that time, and by asking (or in this case, suggesting) he/she gave you (in)directly a compliment….

  10. Kamel Ouanada says:

    My mate wore savage n I would get small whiffs of something similar to aventus (this is when it first came out). Then I found out that Sav has ambroxan. So it makes sense

  11. Danny Mosquera says:

    Aventus is not tha special

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