Did Creed start packing the new bottles in cellophane?

Did Creed start packing the new bottles in cellophane?


  1. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Where did you get it from and what batch is it ?

  2. Sash Pecinov says:

    Creed doesn’t use cellophane wrapping

  3. Jordan Acosta says:

    No never broth

  4. maybe he didn’t buy it directly from creed.

    The bottle looks good, but I would be careful. It’s not very clear if it’s a fake or not. just saying

  5. some places do wrap it on their own. but from creed it never comes in cellophane

  6. Mark Iliff says:

    I don’t think they have faked the new lids yet. That bottle has the new lid and its not been out that long, has it?.
    Sure it looks genuine. I guess the shop/retailer wrapped them themselves for whatever reasons…Maybe to make it harder for the bottles to be switched or removed and taken from the boxes.

  7. Tanay Thaker says:

    It was bought by a close friend. She got it onboard the Emirates flight from their shopping catalogue. It was an outbound from Dubai, if that helps.

    Maybe its authentic and they packed it on their own to prevent scratches and nicks on the box?

  8. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Yes most likely

  9. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Bottle and box look legit

  10. Jordan Acosta says:

    But what batch number???

  11. Darcy Oakley says:

    Can you show the back of the bottle and box too. If its fake, its the best fake I’ve ever seen! Looks 100% legit besides the wrapping.

  12. Robert LaCombe says:

    Oh, it’s probably legit then if it was bought that way. There might be companies out there that will wrap it themselves. Not sure if there’s really any fakes out there of the new presentation type yet..

  13. Jordan Acosta says:

    But what batch number it is???

  14. Zsolt Horvath says:

    Not from Creed for sure. Some retailers might wrap it but I never saw like this in legit stores !

  15. Enter Jaizz says:

    It’s duplicate . But great work ?

  16. Daniel Terlecki says:

    3rd party vendors/retailers cellophane wrap their fragrances. Don’t listen to people saying it’s fake. They’re clearly uneducated. Spray and enjoy.

  17. Enter Jaizz says:

    ? very very educated ?

  18. Damien Stammers says:

    It’s common in duty free to stop the staff using the stock. Just seen it an hour ago at the airport

  19. Mychal Cure says:

    The question is… have they made that new cap magnetic yet? ?

  20. Mychal Cure says:

    Rami Shehadeh those cheap SOBs

  21. Preston Anthony Hester says:

    Not in the boutique or the website. However if you get it from a discounter, it’s their prerogative if they wanna wrap it in cellophane or not

  22. Gabriel Veras Jr says:

    I’ve gotten Creeds from Fragrancenet, never wrapped in cellophane at all. Might be a fraud ?

  23. Maybe the retailer did it? Cap looks new i dont think its fake

  24. Yes it is real they use cellophane now!!

  25. Fragrance net sells the fake shit ?

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