different fragrances whice one and why should i choose it?

Between those two different fragrances whice one and why should i choose it?


  1. David Dunmeyer says:

    Le Aventus for the trim goodsir

  2. Victor Alsmar Tiala says:

    Aventus, not only for wearability but also for the ease to blend with others. With that Said I do own both but Aventus gets way more use.

  3. Jason Michael Acree says:

    Black Phantom

  4. Jon Brooks says:

    Phantom is a solid return on investment.

  5. Andreas Sardis says:

    My vote also leaned towards Black Phantom..

  6. Piotr Fengler says:

    Aventus,more versatile

  7. Rahman Shaukat says:

    Black phantom for sure. I’m not a compliment seeker, however black phantom gets me a lot of compliments.

  8. David Robinson says:

    Both awesome but gotta go with Aventus. You can wear it all year. Black Phantom would kill everyone around you in moderate to high heat.

  9. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    Black Phantom is a very “specific” type of fragrance. It’s fantastic, but you gotta be in the mood for it. Aventus is something you can wear every day, but/and because of this, it’s kind of “generic smelling” at this point.

  10. Chris Luna says:

    Aventus because I think Black Phantom is bleh. When you figure in the price tag for what you get with BP it gets a double bleh.

  11. Harpee Kharod says:

    Black phantom! Especially for colder months which it is now. Actually wearing it today, two compliments so far. ?

  12. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Black Phantom smells like almond milk to me. I would go with Aventus.

  13. Aventus is more mass appealing… black phantom is gold to a much smaller segment of people.

  14. Phill Walters says:

    I’d go with Back phantom. Purely because every man and his dog is wearing Aventus these days and I’d want to smell different ☺

  15. Ahmed Mostafa says:

    Black phantom even it’s expensive but it’s more worthy. Personality, projection, longlasting, extremely beatifull smell.
    at the same time still love aventus.

  16. William Kelley says:

    If you want more compliments, I’d recommend Aventus.

    If you want an arguably nicer scent that is less mainstream, more unique, and more interesting (and will still earn you compliments)… I’d recommend Black Phantom.

  17. Sam Cooke says:

    FRAGRANCE is personal, only u can make the Choice

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