Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense VS Dior Homme Parfum?

Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense VS Dior Homme Parfum?
I was just talking about Dior Homme’s line with a friend. How do you think they stacks up against each other?


  1. Крис Захариев says:

    Dior Parfum
    Dior Homme Intense
    Both great, longevity of the Parfum is insane, up to 12h on my skin…

  2. Kyle Hull says:

    Dior Homme is unbelievable.

    Dior Homme Intense, might be a little more powdery with more cacao.

    Dior Homme Parfum is Dior Homme on steroids. It’s got a massive leather note which make it incredibly bold and serious.

  3. Keesus Crice says:

    I’m almost out of Dior Homme Intense, but I do have Dior Homme Parfum. I feel like DHI is something you can weak at a nice dinner and then it’s perfect for the club. Dior Homme Parfum holds onto its reign of majoirty well into your wear, but business doesn’t stop.DHP holds onto the sweetness reminiscent of DHI. Still gets compliment, it has a bit of rose to tune the iris, a pinch of oud and leather walks the the line of the regal past onto the noteworthy modern enthusiast.

  4. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    1. Dior Homme
    2. Dior Homme Intense
    3. Dior Homme Parfum

    Dior Homme for me because it’s the most versatile. It’s difficult because they’re all great.

  5. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Agreed. Dior Homme gets me on all levels

  6. Cruz Stark says:

    I see DHI and DH as almost identical. First time I tried it was at a point when I was deep into DHI but then my friend had a bottle, gave it a whiff an I thought DHI immediately, with a wear or two you see it has a lot less going on and lacks the developed gourmand-esque sequel.

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