Do I REALLY need to even bother with Cedrat Boise

If Ive smelled Aventus. Cdnim. Orion. Vibrant leather. Do I REALLY need to even bother with Cedrat Boise?


  1. Martin Zidek says:

    I dont get similarities between CB and aventus at all.

  2. Natan Barros says:

    Freitas It seems like a waste of time, because cedrat boise is just an oily mature version of aventus. Doesn’t have the pineapple note though

  3. Adrian Nascimento says:

    Cedrat Boise smells nothing like Aventus

  4. Gina Steddar says:

    Do it, let’s face it, you’re always going to be curious.

  5. Jason DesBiens says:

    Nope, shit sucks. Smells like a barn

  6. Alexandru-Mihail Deleanu says:

    Burn em all.

  7. Scent of Peace for Him is the best “””Aventus”””” type frag IMO

  8. Albert Meier says:

    They’re both fruity, sweet, woody, and leathery… CB is more citrusy where Aventus is smoky. I prefer Aventus, but Mancera performance tends to be above average. Price point is much better on CB.

  9. Marquise Edwards says:

    I have CB and it doesn’t smell like aventus. But when I wear it I’ve got more compliments than aventus

  10. To answer your actual ? Though haha..Cedrat Boise only resembles Aventus for the first 2 seconds then it is 110% very different. Worth trying IMO

  11. Tavias MrPres says:

    Bennett Cb smells like nothing like aventus at all

  12. Bob Murphy says:

    CB is totally different to me. The woods are more cedar based and a heavy orange note. Get a sample and see if you like it. That’s the fun of fragrance

  13. Luka Žanić says:

    It’s nothing like Aventus . It smells like crap in a different way than aventus

  14. Keith Crook says:

    They all smell if not the same then similar to each other. Why bother. Can’t go wrong with just one and my choice being I can’t afford Creed I went with cdnim

  15. Petru Oprea says:

    Long answer : No

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