do you think I should wear of those I have?

I’m going to work tomorrow evening – I work in Radisson Collection, a five star hotel in the reception. Which perfume do you think I should wear of those I have? ☺️


  1. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Black opium. Looking smart there

  2. Rogelio Morales says:

    The pink Juicy Coutoure one is one of my favourites on a woman.

  3. Jules Lewis says:

    DG 3 heavy on the trigger

  4. Luis H Corbala says:

    Tresor La Nuit please!!

  5. Leedog Llanes says:

    Dark Rebel Rider

  6. Kris Goss says:

    Blue Armani code?, you know why?

  7. Bryan Mund says:

    Gucci flora of Prada femme

  8. Pascal Lenskens says:

    I don’t see a 5star perfume…. ?

  9. Cyndi Hunter says:

    don’t be a party pooper Pascal Lenskens

  10. Dan Araya says:

    Clearly you missed Prada Femme

  11. Sarah Haris says:

    Don’t be a snob ☺️ your 5star might be my 1star and the other way around… but I can tell you that these scents always starts the conversation between me and the guests (mostly men)… “you smell really nice” and that is 5star to me. 1. People can smell them, 2. People like them, 3. They suits me. ?

  12. Deanna Daniels says:

    Because It’s You

  13. Asad Khan Khalil says:

    Gucci guilty

  14. Jeff Denham says:

    I feel like your skin naturally smells like honey and raspberries but if you insist Gold Couture

  15. Daniel Wurz says:

    Jeff Denham a bit creepy but I’ll allow it

  16. Jeff Denham says:

    Daniel Wurz I’m outside your house. I’m looking in your window. I’m wearing lipstick ??(is this creepy?) ??

  17. Jeff Denham says:


  18. Joshua Brewington says:

    Go buy Mon Paris and wear it.

  19. Sarah Haris says:

    I don’t like that one

  20. Joshua Brewington says:

    Sarah Haris ?????? it’s beautiful to me. Sucks you don’t like it.

  21. Sarah Haris says:

    Joshua Brewington there is one note in there that gives me a headache… maybe iris? Because I noticed that iris is also in La Vie Est Belle and I don’t like that one either ?

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