Don’t care what anyone says, Boss Bottled Intense is

Don’t care what anyone says, Boss Bottled Intense is a masterpiece ??


  1. Andrew Serkaian says:

    I thought the regular Boss bottled was pretty good smelling

  2. Juan Rojas says:

    Yes it is..compliment getter!!

  3. Cruz Stark says:

    I like the regular one , I love the oud one , night was meh, the intense was a dislike for me , I sold it right away to a coworker and I have to admit that it smell good on him so maybe it was one of those that just didn’t work on me

  4. Angelo Reale says:

    It definitely is!

  5. James Yang says:

    I enjoy the intense EDP. Perfect fall fragrance.

  6. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I’m really digging boss bottled intense edp, it’s going to get heavy rotation and nobody told me, it smells damn good in the heat too.

  7. Jordan Howe says:

    I like the oud one

  8. Henry Regans Jr. says:

    I agree ? I like the original too

  9. Boris Copic says:

    What one is that, I will check it out? There are so many boss bottled it’s confusing

  10. Крис Захариев says:

    Boss is sh*t

  11. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Thank you man, That fragrance is shit, theres no cinamon as listed on the notes breakdown, it’s not warm spicy at all and the apple note is very synthetic.

  12. Charles Martinez says:

    I was eager to Blind buy it, Until I tested It @ the Department store, Its a no no for me, cheap smel generic and has the Hugo boss synthetic DNA

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