Dua or Alexandria fragrance?

Dua or Alexandria fragrance? Is that question even right?


  1. Michael Andrews says:

    I’ve only tried some Duas…with casino royal nights being.my favorite

  2. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Trust me, leave it alone, they both have gems

  3. Ryan Willems says:

    Alex has amazing customer service and sample pack.

  4. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    Alexandria. Do a search on the group we discussed this like three days ago.

  5. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    Alexandria I d say double the size

  6. Emmanuel Ansah Boansi says:

    I like the inputs everybody thanks!

  7. Carlos Laguerta says:

    Alexandria sweet smoke (Tom Ford tobacco vanille), 1981X (Xerjoff Naxos), Velvet Iris (Dior homme intense), wasted moment (Kilian Apple brandy), Arabian hustler (Tom Ford tobacco oud), Hawaiian volcano (creed Silver mountain water). Some of my favs! All have very good longevity and projection! Very very nice clones!

  8. E.j. Wells says:

    Carlos Laguerta Hawaiian Volcano is Creeds Virgin Island Water

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