Eric Wang Never been a fan of prada

Eric Wang Never been a fan of prada ? they only do soapy
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  1. Eric Wang says:

    Never been a fan of prada ? they only do soapy

  2. Daniel Terlecki says:

    I enjoy soapy. I’d rather I smelled “clean” or “fresh” to someone else rather than “that guy that smells like cologne”

  3. Eric Wang says:

    Not my thing. Amber is cloying, luna rossa and infusion d’homme aren’t bad, just not good enough to warrant me purchasing them. On the other hand if you’re interested in prada amber, i got you on that. 3.4 99% full

  4. Abhi Kabhi says:

    Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense. Nuff said!!

  5. Daniel Terlecki says:

    My gf loves that ^^^ stuff. Not me so much.

  6. Philip Yomtov says:

    Yes it smells about the same…

  7. Lauro Lopez says:

    Luna rossa extreme is way better. No need for this one

  8. Ray Corona says:

    I dig it, works well in the office and has that high compliment factor for me. I don’t get Le Male at all.

  9. Neil Sosa says:

    Same here I want impressed much it reminded me to much like a mix of the Leading Male and Only The Brave by Diesel. I would only recommend to some one in high school. It’s not a bad scent I just expected somthing else

  10. Mary Beauvoir says:

    Not a big fan of anything Prada does my friend. Just my 2 cents

  11. Eric Wang says:

    Agreed Mary Beauvoir. I don’t dig their clothing style either

  12. Mary Beauvoir says:

    Word to your mother.

  13. Guy Ayalon says:

    Hi, please try Luna Rossa Extreme, it is a classic. Lunna Rossa and Luna Rossa Sport are not in the same league at all in my opinion.

  14. Daniel Terlecki says:

    I have Luna Rossa and it’s a smash hit in my household (a gf and a cat but they both really like it.) Never tried either of the others. Just sniffed em.

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