European vs arab perfume who wins and why that

European vs arab perfume who wins and why.that includes longevity,sillage etc.


  1. Mohamed Emira says:

    Arab because I’m an Arabian :D. on a serious not, I like oriental scents especially when you live in the US, it smells different than anything that people wears.

  2. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    I like a good blend of the two I think Amouage is a good example…

  3. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Why one or the other? Incredible scents come from both parts of the world. Plenty of room in my collection for both. Hell, American scents too. I just like things that smell good.

  4. Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:


  5. James De Leon says:

    Scent is subjective. I think the heavier, darker stuff performs better than the fresh ones.

  6. Bibi Byrd says:

    ARAB wins for longevity & sillage!!! (most Amricans can’t handle the oud bombs in Arab perfumery) Although I’d take any cheap attar over that hypersweet Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works ethyl maltol/vanillin mall crap any day.

  7. Youness Fourar says:

    Arab perfumery all the way!!

  8. Robert Jacome says:

    Westernnized Arab best of both worlds

  9. Christophe Gallant says:

    If you want to get with women, European. If you want to have a personal olfactory experience, Arabian.

  10. Jake Magill says:

    Eroupe all the way

  11. Ashour Ashor says:

    There are successful perfumes in both parties but mostly Arabian perfumes are for the winter and cold weather . European perfumes are more successful in summer and hot weather

  12. Thomas McCaffrey says:

    I think European houses tend to be more modern and current….with that said they are using more middle eastern compounds……as stated above the US market is not a good place for deep Ouds to flourish…..I love them….but let’s be honest it is an acquired taste….the French, Italian houses have done a great job tapping into the best of both worlds IMHO

  13. Sheikh Mir Hassan Imtiaz says:

    i prefer the scent of French perfumes and performence of Arabian houses

  14. Marco Macas says:

    European are well blended frags and fucking sexy..:)

  15. Narada James says:

    French, performance, longevity, history, perfumers… Everything doesn’t have to be a bomb and last 109 hours on skin. I love westernized takes on oud, sandalwood, etc.. Dior Homme Parfum is a glimpse of the best of both worlds coming together.

  16. Keesus Crice says:

    It is like two different genre of music, but I can say that the west has took, or to put it nicely been inspired by many Middle Eastern Elements. With that being said, I think cultural appropriation is bullshit, coming from New Orleans the melting pot of cultures has lead to the best in art and culture, so I have no issue with making use the best there is to offer.

  17. Arab due to heavier oil less alcohol than European

  18. Mohammed Aljailani says:

    Arab perfume is classic and elegant European perfumes like cleaning chemical ?

  19. Sash Pecinov says:

    polar opposites cant really compare Oud and cloves to bergamot and neroli

  20. Fazal Cheema says:

    European perfumery. They have a tradition of creativity and innovation and has continued to evolve. You cannot say that about Arab perfumery that has pretty much stayed the same over time. How many of the classics over the last century has its origins in Arab perfumery? European perfumery has penetrated all over the world and that cannot be said about Arab perfumery. No matter where you are from whether Asia, Americas, Africa, Europe, you knew about European perfumes growing up and you cannot say that about Arab perfumery unless you grew up in Middle East.

  21. Vic Kalchev says:

    You’ve essentially asked: SUVs or sports cars: who wins and why.
    They are both good and nowadays there is so much crossover you don’t even know where the fragrance is from. Is Montale middle Easter or Western? How about Roja Dove? Annick Goutal? Dolce & Gabbana? They all make stuff in both styles in a manner that crosses over the Western/Eastern tradition border.

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