explain the obsession with smelling like a pineapple to me?

Will someone please explain the obsession with smelling like a pineapple to me? If it’s not Aventus, it’s a clone of Aventus, or a clone of a clone of a clone that smells exactly like it sorta smells a little like Aventus. Are people going to barbecues and counting how many women compliment smoked pineapple on the grill? This Pineapple Express is outta control.
I seriously don’t get it. ???
Edit: I respect everyone’s likes and dislikes and fragrance journey. This is a humorous attempt at understanding why this fragrance is so damn popular, not as a slight on anyone’s reason or enjoyment. Carry on.


  1. Rahman Shaukat says:

    I hate that pineapple note, that’s why never appreciated aventus or anything similiar to that

  2. Kyle Tennant says:

    No offense but you must not have smelled Aventus too many times, the opening even on the heaviest fruity batches settles down very quickly to musk, ambergris, and varying amounts of pachouli at least to my nose. As for things like PVI, yes I agree and can’t stand it for this reason, also many of the clones go very heavy on citrus and or pineapple which again is why I hate them. For me Aentus is all about the musk and pachouli.

  3. TJ Bollinger says:

    Most clones or incarnations are identified with the pineapple opening. I understand even the most linear of scents dry down from something different than they open. And I respect that your enjoyment of the scent is in the muskchuli base, but to ignore that it is a moderation of a fruit heavy masculine Chypre is a bit short sided. It’s worldly recognized, and cloned, because of its pineapple opening.

  4. TJ Bollinger says:

    And I have worn it. Many times.

  5. Kyle Tennant says:

    agree to disagree

  6. TJ Bollinger says:

    Kyle Tennant agreed.

  7. David Robinson says:

    TJ Bollinger obviously scent is extremely subjective, but i think your statement of “it’s worldly recognized, and cloned, because of the pineapple opening” is not quite right.. I think it’s worldly recognized, and cloned, because it is extremely well received by a large percentage of people. Obviously you may not he one of them and that’s fair enough.

  8. TJ Bollinger says:

    David Robinson I made an edit to my original question. I realized my attempt at humor could upset the fragrance sensitive. It may be cloned because of its popularity, but it’s a bit short sided to not thinking its worldly recognized for its smokey pineapple accord.

  9. David Robinson says:

    TJ Bollinger Oh trust me I am not sensitive about fragrances, quite the contrary. I think it sort of comes back to the subjectivity. In the various batches I have owned/tried, I have gotten much more of the fruit forward pineapple, and very little smoke. Its very possible that I simply haven’t tried a smokey batch of course. I no doubt agree that it is recognized for the pineapple though.

  10. Kyle Tennant says:

    TJ Bollinger I take 0 offense either, was just offering incite as to what I get out of it when I smell it and I why I don’t consider it a “fruity” fragrance. I’ve owned hundreds of fragrances and Aventus is by far my all time unsolicited compliment get…See More

  11. TJ Bollinger says:

    I get it. I didn’t think you two were offended. But can you agree that it’s obsession is near cult like? I mean, even the countless knock offs and clones are revered and loved almost to the point of the original. It’s just weird to me. It can’t be just “subjective” when it seems the vast minority is with the people who don’t like it. I want to know what I’m missing.

  12. David Robinson says:

    TJ Bollinger i agree it is pretty crazy how some people obsess about it for sure.

  13. Kyle Tennant says:

    I dont get the overall fever pitch type of hype it receives but we are almost 10 years into its release and if anything the popularity is at an all time high. Hype only carries anything so far and many fragrances have long since come and gone so there …See More

  14. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    It didn’t even smell like pineapple to me…

  15. aventus is a 7/10 scent at best imo.

  16. Taylor Reiman says:

    It’s not really a pineapple scent lol

  17. TJ Bollinger says:

    It kind of is. The most popular clone is not called smokey water jasmine patchouli oak moss vintage intense.

  18. Taylor Reiman says:

    TJ Bollinger Exactly my point you’re literally proving it for me

  19. Daniel Wurz says:

    It’s not a pineapple scent.

  20. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Entry level niche that smells like a designer. It smells like a fruity aquatic to me, and no aquatic is worth niche prices. I generally dislike aquatics, by the way.

  21. TJ Bollinger says:

    Self Marin and Altruist would be, if they lasted longer than 35 seconds. And Verde Di Mare is an interesting aquatic, but only suited for vacation, IMO.

  22. Jordan Howe says:

    Aventus only garners guy compliments..,not females ? and I don’t get too much pineapple mainly musky smoke and a tad fruitiness

  23. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    I had to scrub it off, which is rare.

  24. Paul McGowan says:

    This has to be a younger group..Age plays a big part in fragrances.. Mature woman love Aventus. Young woman is Savage all day!

  25. Rahman Shaukat says:

    Paul McGowan older women like anything that come their way.

  26. Paul McGowan says:

    Rahman Shaukat uhhh dont believe that one! They know what they like.

  27. TJ Bollinger says:

    Corrected. Good catch.

  28. TJ Bollinger says:

    And I’m not curious why I don’t like it. I know why I don’t like it. I’m curious why there is such a fever pitch with the people who do like it.

  29. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    When I first started collecting I went out and bought Aventus, because I heard it was this that and the third, but I truly don’t get it either, so I don’t know.

  30. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to say that Aventus doesn’t smell like pineapple to me!

  31. Blake Hewitt says:

    “I don’t get it” Probably because “It” doesn’t smell of Pineapple. Also even if it did then the answer is subjectivity (clearly lacking in most fragcomm posts of “all or nothing” judgements).

  32. TJ Bollinger says:

    “It” very much smells like pineapple. 2000+ people on Fragrantica agree that “it” is the most prominent note. “It” also refers to the cult like obsession of Aventus, and the numerous fanboys that defend it blindly and without cause, or insist it doesn’t smell like pineapple.

  33. TJ Bollinger says:

    Further, my post said I respect everyone’s subjectivity. I’m just curious about that overwhelmingly subjective opinion.

  34. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    Then again I don’t know why people want to smell like soap either. I want fragrance to transport me into a magical place – not to remind me of taking a shower.

  35. TJ Bollinger says:

    No Neroli for you! Hahahahaha!

  36. Brandon Yambura says:

    Actually I do love the use of pineapple in fragrances but never really liked Aventus (or most of its clones). The pineapple Bond No. 9 uses in HTTP and SOPFH is much more appealing to me.

  37. Randal Aldair Dominguez Torres says:

    My favorite Pineapple scent is Scent Of Peace For him

  38. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Ok, I do like the different takes I have on pineapple, but only one is considered an Aventus clone. PVI, Hugo Boss Unlimited, Mont Blanc legend spirit, Issy Mayake summer edition 2016. They all do something different with the note.

  39. Deric Metzger says:

    I’m so goddamn sick of hearing about aventus. There are 40,000+ perfumes in fragrantica’s database alone. If you think aventus is the best perfume for any occasion or person and that nothing smells as good or gets you more compliments or whatever…wtf are you even doing in fragrance groups? Try. Other. Stuff.

  40. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Variety, spice of life

  41. Byron Abadie says:

    My wife doesn’t like it at all. It is my personal favorite and I wear it often. I just like the stuff. Most complimented is Pineapple Vintage Intense. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes, I can’t smell it on me; however, others can. I can smell Aventus on my skin all day.

  42. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    No idea tbh, I think it’s just a very likable and appealing scent profile. And people really seem to love it, it’s a very high complimented type of fragrance for me. So whatever it is the bottom like is it just smells great to me. ?

  43. Jesus Antonio says:

    its about decalcifying pineal gland, eating pineapple does that, so thats good reason for this pinapple obsession

  44. Danny Mosquera says:

    There are very few frag noses that can identify notes, the majority have no clue what they’re smelling unless they are reading the description on Fragrantica 😀

  45. Donovan Twaddle says:

    I made a perfume for Rebel Fragrance House with pineapple, cucumber, white tea, and leather. It’s awesome, but a bit too sweet for me. I might have a second go at it soon to temper the sweetness a bit.

  46. Donovan Twaddle says:

    The problem with pineapple is it’s just so damn sweet. A little goes a long way.

  47. Jesus Antonio says:

    Frapin 1270 also has pinapple note, sweeter ‘tho, thats a must try to anyone who hasn’t tried it

  48. Josh Rodriguez says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve got a decant of a fruitier batch of Aventus and if I lost it, I wouldn’t care.

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