Fellas what perfumes do you like to smell on women?

Fellas what perfumes do you like to smell on women? Ladies what perfumes do you wear that men love?


  1. Kyle Hull says:

    Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for Her!

  2. Benjamin McFadden says:

    Black opium,angel muse, Versace eros pour femme,annick goutal petite Cherie ,byredo gypsy water

  3. Lilly Sasson says:

    I will second angel muse

  4. Komkrit Sriwashirasrej says:

    Guerlain LPRN EDP, Mitsuoko, Shalimar Parfum Initial. Yes I’m a sucker for Guerlain scents on woman?

  5. Donal P Scannell says:

    I like to smell Tory Burch Absolu & delinia on my wife

  6. Josh Rodriguez says:

    I don’t keep up with women fragrances, but Versace Crystal Noir is one that I remember definitely liking.

  7. Goran Grivčić says:

    Chanel Mademoiselle, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Burberry London, La petite robe noire.

  8. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Kat von d sinner and flowerbomb

  9. Wylie Love III says:

    Lancôme La Vie est belle

  10. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Really no matter what my wife wears smells good on her, she’s always smelled very good. I’m biased, I’ve been with her over 25 years, she could wear old lady perfume and smell like a baby angel???

  11. クリアベル オベロン says:

    Montale roses musk, guerlain sdv, mpn, malle bigarade concentree, ysl parisienne

  12. Nelci Sampaio says:

    Men – Dior Eau Sauvage, Creed Green Irish Tweed

  13. Huzaifa R Rahmath says:

    DKNY Be Delicious

  14. Huzaifa R Rahmath says:

    Men Versace Eros

  15. Stefan Mörth says:

    Narcisso Rodriguez.

  16. Sergey Babayan says:

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
    Versace Bright Crystal
    Alien by Thiery Mugler
    Viva La Juicy

  17. Michael Romano says:

    YSL Black Opium
    Chanel Chance

  18. Jesus Tony SixteenBars Barron says:

    burberry britt smells amazing, le baiser du dragon, versace versus, hypnotiq poison, come to my mind now

  19. Robert Howard says:

    I like most scents but in the end I find the woman’s natural scent the best

  20. Andrea Gonzalez says:

    Pure Poison on girls

  21. Vic Kalchev says:

    It depends on the woman and what perfume suits her to wear.

  22. Tom Hines says:

    Bond No 9 — I Love New York for Mothers

  23. Jah Resilient Prince says:

    La vie est Belle?

  24. Mohammad Kased says:

    Erba Pura by Sospiro
    Br540 By MFK
    Decandence By Marc Jacob
    Good Girl By Carolina Herrera
    Midnight Romance By Ralph Lauren

    Those are my favorites on my wife

  25. Suleman Danlami says:

    Samsara by Guerlain.

  26. Brandon Voisard Guy says:

    Victor and rolf flowerbomb, ysl mon paris

  27. John Christian says:

    Dior absolutely blooming – Paco rabanne Olympea-Gucci Bloom – Queen by Queen Latifah -Dazzle intense Al haramain

  28. Ilana Sagalovich says:

    Warm Cotton…by clean ?

  29. Mike Gillespie says:

    La Vie este belle by Lancôme

  30. Saul D. Ruiz says:

    Armani code edp, juicy gold, poison girl, D&G ligth blue, black opium,

  31. Wesley Pardue says:

    Chanel Allure, Chance, or any of the Chance flankers.
    A&F 8.

  32. Brandon Yambura says:

    So far my favorites from the women’s designer realm are Dylan blue pour femme, Black Opium, Mon Guerlain, and Angel Muse.

  33. Kevin Holt says:

    Victoria secrets love spell, Ariana Grande sweet like candy, viva la juicy, coach poppy, pink sugar, Brittany Spears fantasy and best all time Believe it or not is Justin Bieber

  34. Cedric Graves says:

    Any of the ambercrombe women’s fragrances

  35. Peltier Corey says:

    my bf has bought me a few so i assume he loves them on me- cafe rose tf, black orchid tf, alien, and dior poison. he’s also given me small atomizers of tf noir de noir, tf tobacco oud, tf patchouli absolu, and tf tobacco vanille

  36. Matthew Ramsey says:

    I enjoy the Versace Bright Crystal on my lady.

  37. Tony Brown says:

    Si Giorgio Armani, My Burberry Black, gold sugar,…vivia la juicy noir …

  38. Irwin Maatrijk says:

    I like these three on women:
    1. Alien by Mugler
    2. D&G Light Blue
    3. Aventus for Her

  39. Darryl Hamilton says:

    Alien always stops me in my tracks

  40. Eliza Desmond says:

    Beyoncé’s Kissed Heat is pretty underrated imo

  41. Jesus Tony SixteenBars Barron says:

    even tho theres no coconut listed on the pyramid, to me it smells coconutty, and limy also, to me it smells similar to viw, but heavier and sweeter

  42. Craig Maurice says:

    Coco by Chanel

  43. Jay Bulworth says:

    Lancome Miracle

  44. Irwin Maatrijk says:

    I used to love these but they dont make them anymore:

    1. Armani Sensi
    2. Paco Rabanne Pour Elle

    I feel so sad for these beautifull masterpieces. ?

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