Finally tested it Tbt, disappointed quite a bit Tried

Finally tested it. Tbt, disappointed quite a bit. Tried the intense version a while ago which is great and I expected more from this. Reminds me too much of pre reformulation silver collar Dior homme to own both


  1. Ayman Ali Jumma says:

    Exactly. The most overhyped fragrance of all time!

  2. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    how about Sauvage ? LOL

  3. Ayman Ali Jumma says:

    Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail Sauvage does very well what it’s supposed to do, and is at least not a clone of another fragrance.

  4. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    I was talking about smell itself…
    and yeah is the perfect meaning of mass-pleasing, for those without nose isn’t schooled…! …See More

  5. Ayman Ali Jumma says:

    Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail lol I have no idea what those are to compare. But to my nose Eau and L’homme smell almost identical minus the signature Prada soapiness. I consider it a clone.

  6. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    Mega overrated. Never care for this.

  7. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Idk about that lol. This frag also does great at what it’s trying to be. Prada has always done really good clean soapy scents. Prada L’homme is such a great work/office scent. But I agree with Ayman Sauvage hype is waaaay more warranted. It’s one of the absolute best at what it does. It has everything that makes a successful working mass pleasing fragrance.

  8. Luis H Corbala says:

    It depends on what your expectations are. It’s an amazing freshie for someone who is not THAT into freshies. I love it. Find that I use it more and more each time. To me, it’s worth the hype. (Talking about fragcomm hype)

  9. Bibi Byrd says:

    I really do not like that signature iris/violet/amber/panty liner note in Prada’s fragrances

  10. Nataša Černugelj says:

    I love iris but this is already seen and i do not see what is the hype all about

  11. Alonzo Eddie says:

    I agree it’s nice but nothing special

  12. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    The Intense version is my favorite! Really good ?

  13. Jay Simpson says:

    To me, this just smells of the male toilets in clubs and the infamous ‘no spray, no lay’.

  14. Khalil Nasir says:

    Give it another try, I said the same thing and went back to it. I sprayed some on while at the mall and walk thru the mall people was asking me what I was wearing

  15. Richard Rohloff says:

    Buy bourbon from bath and body works. You’ll pay less and get the same vibe.

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