find these niche fragrances you guys all seem to have?

Where does one find these niche fragrances you guys all seem to have? I want to know what they smell like but they are all really expensive


  1. James Epler says:

    I really want to smell some creed juice…I think dillards sells them sometimes

  2. Dustin DeNicola says:

    What do you like (or more importantly – what does your S.O. like?) Cuz thats whuzzup.

  3. James Epler says:

    Single…I like ysl lhomme Mont blanc legend
    Dunhill desire
    Pleasures for me
    Taylor made by gucci
    Sean Jean unforgivable
    Just to name a few

  4. Dustin DeNicola says:

    There are numerous websites to order samples:
    Lucky Scent
    Twisted Lily
    Posh Peasant
    Aedes de Venusta
    Surrender to Chance
    To name a few….
    some offer pre-fab sample packs and others offer sample service allowing you to choose which you would like to sample. Of course, most send extra samples with different levels of purchase. My advice is to figure out your general nose preference (chypre, fougere, leather, wood, oriental, gourmand, etc.) Then try some benchmark frags from each group to guide you in… Research on Basenotes, Fragrantica, Now Smell This, Kafkaesque, Crystal Flacon.
    Then the hunt is on for your signature scent (sometimes referred to as a unicorn…. because YOUR signature scent may be an imaginary creature – a unicorn.)
    Therein lies the fun….. unicorn hunting.
    Buy, try, rank, then Sell – Swap – or Save.

    Be warned: this hobby is addictive and expensive.
    You may need a
    frag-tervention. We hold meetings here on the daily. The first step is admitting you have a problem… if you are here … you have taken the first.
    Hello, my name is Dustin and I am a frag-head.

  5. James Epler says:

    I thought I was a freg head till I joined this group lol

  6. Thomas McCaffrey says:

    Buy decants…..I have more than a few I am moving so PM if your interested

  7. James Epler says:

    I use the term cologne whore tho lol

  8. Dustin DeNicola says:

    Well, you have entered the whorehouse, bud!

  9. James Epler says:

    Thomas McCaffrey I sent pm

  10. Blake Caudle says:

    Decants dude, decants. Almost everything is available in this group.

  11. Brent Lindsay says:

    Easiest way is to take a trip and find a Saks or a Neimans. They have 75% of all the niche you could ever want to smell. And itd take you 2-3 days to smell all that they have and to get a decent idea of what you like from each house.

    I can say be on the lookout for these popular niche scents…here are a few of the more beginner friendly ones…
    1. Creed- Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, Millesime Imperial, Royal Oud, Erolfa

    2. Tom Ford- Oud Wood, Noir de Noir, maybe Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather

    3. Misc.- Frapin Lhumaniste, Lair du desert Marocain, Vetiver Tonka, Byredo Oud Immortel and Bal dAfrique, Molecule 01, Amouage Interlude Man.

  12. James Epler says:

    Thanks for the tips guys

  13. Rufat Ibrahim says:

    You are welcome and if need decants from Nasomatto, By Kilian, Amouage, Sospiro, Parfums de Marly, Tom Ford, Xerjoff, Byredo, Creed, Armani Prive and so on please PM.

  14. James Epler says:

    I sent pm Rufat Ibrahim

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