For sale! Creed Aventus 4 oz it’s from Alan

For sale! Creed Aventus 4 oz. it’s from Alan Berdjis shop and just realized I don’t need three back ups of Aventus and its 99.9% full. It’s the longest lasting Aventus on my skin I’ve ever smelled and is quite strong. $225 seems fair. Can’t read batch # but from 2014


  1. Bonelly Jimenez says:

    Hi, was the code in black ink, or it’s engraved but can’t tell

  2. Pranay Agrawal says:

    What that signifies sir if I may ask?

  3. Bonelly Jimenez says:

    Depending on factory resources(I’m guessing), some Creed bottles are lasered/engraved , some are printed in black ink

  4. Bonelly Jimenez says:

    So, since it is engraved, it’s probably just not visible unless magnified

  5. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    Yea it’s just about impossible to see with the naked eye

  6. Benj Saddik says:

    Zakarias B. Kawamleh Mate, is there any way you could get us an exact batch code? Thanks brother

  7. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    Benj Saddik sure sure as soon as I get home I’ll try and get exact numbers – I definitely see the 14 but can’t make out rest

  8. Alan Berdjis says:

    He purchased it from me and I’m pretty sure the one he got was 14M01 – he can take a closer look to confirm

  9. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    LT4215PO1. Whoo that was hard to see haha! I guess it’s 15 after all. Still quite the scent ? ok guys this is the official Batch #. Lasts 12 hours on my skin 1 spray. I’m working on a transaction right now if that doesn’t work out I’ll keep everyone informed

  10. Alan Berdjis says:

    Zakarias ohhhhh that batch…you said 14 batch, so I thought it was the bottle you got from me like a year ago, which I’m pretty sure was 14M01. The 15P01 you got more recently. That’s a great batch guys, pick it up!

  11. Rob Hutto says:

    Not a creed expert but that doesn’t look like a 2014 sprayer.

  12. Bonelly Jimenez says:

    Rob Hutto yes it is. 2013/2014 was the transition time

  13. Rob Hutto says:

    Oh…I thought it was 2015. My bad.

  14. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    Engraved sir

  15. Ajesh Binoy says:

    bro i guess you buying the company 🙂

  16. Pranay Agrawal says:

    Hehe na bro. I will sale most of my stuff. Happy with aventus

  17. Alan Berdjis says:

    I’m pretty sure I know which batch he is selling here, it should be 14M01. FYI I have 7 batches available for sale, from 14, 15, and 16 – I have a 15 batch which is my favorite one actually 😉

  18. Pranay Agrawal says:

    You can pm me what you have on offer?

  19. Cameron Schwartz says:

    Can you also PM me with your 2014 options please?

  20. Guillaume Pear Tree says:

    Is it x01 batch from costco?

  21. Kish Nagaraja says:

    I have an 80% at least full bottle of PdM habdan full presentation. Lmk if you want to trade for this or any other aventus you want to move.

  22. John W Easttom says:

    Do you still have this ?

  23. Zakarias B. Kawamleh says:

    Transaction didn’t go through – up for grabs !!! ?

  24. Alex Perez says:

    That’s who I was saying….

  25. i want to have it so how can i buy you ?

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