For those of you who are afraid of snakes

For those of you who are afraid of snakes, “foster” one of these, and youll never have another snake in your yard. Oh, and they eat bugs, LOTS of bugs.


  1. Larry Anderson says:

    guess I need to get one/ nice info!

  2. Renate Clawson says:

    put some dry cat food out, somewhere it wont get wet, and it will find you.

  3. Larry Anderson says:

    I have fed a baby fox and a baby raccoon…….

  4. Erik Harwell says:

    and kill your chickens for you while they are at it

  5. Angela South Purtee says:

    Not if your chicken enclosure is secure.

  6. Renate Clawson says:

    I highly doubt possums would kill your chickens, baby chicks maybe, but I think a full size chicken would be too large for them. They eat snakes and other rodents, but those are small compared to a full sized chicken.

  7. Patrick Jesse John Worley says:

    They will eat all your apple, pears, apricots and almost everything. Not a fran

  8. Erik Harwell says:

    they kill full size chickens daily.

  9. Ron Hoggard says:

    Renate Clawson and, they are much slower and less agile than a chicken and their front feet would be useless for predation.

  10. Erik Harwell says:

    Ok look it up. opossums kill chickens frequently. They attack while they are on the roost most often.

  11. Renate Clawson says:

    Erik Harwell, I just did, Im completely amazed. You are correct, they will attack chickens, but usually by getting inside their coop at night, when theyre sleeping. Not really a fair fight for the chicken…there are ways to keep them out of the coop though.

  12. Amanda Lawley says:

    Ron Hoggard chickens cannot see at night. They dont need agility when they can see and the chickens cant. They absolutely can and will kill chickens.

  13. Ron Hoggard says:

    Amanda Lawley I dont disagree, just havent had that experience.

  14. Melissa Hogle says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing it.

  15. Ron Hoggard says:

    Opossums are about the only mammal here in our region of Panamá that will “damage” the home garden. The damage… a wide variety of ripe fruits. I bought a live trap when they started eating my ripe papayas. I would trap one and relocate it. All wo…

  16. Gina DeStefano Rolfsmeier says:

    Love them! They eat close to 4000 ticks in one season!

  17. Mary Tonkin says:

    Not immune and it has happened. They don’t get rabies often due to their low body temperature.

  18. Gina DeStefano Rolfsmeier says:

    Mary Tonkin its almost impossible. Rabies is a slow replicating virus and with the low body temperature it would be even slower giving their body time to beat the infection. The only time this could be possible is if the body temperature of the possum was raised for an extended period of time.

  19. Mary Tonkin says:

    Gina DeStefano Rolfsmeier im just saying it does happen.

  20. Jay Henry says:

    They really like your garden too! I trapped a lot last year after not being able to harvest any of my cantaloupes

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