for Weeks Or months without Cologne, How did you feel?

Have You Ever Gone for Weeks Or months without Cologne, How did you feel?


  1. Srivathsa Subramanian Sivakumar says:

    Jordan Acosta exactly..that’s how

  2. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    It was a dark time, was going through a lot on all levels of life, I smelled how I felt, awful

  3. Tristan Durand says:

    I moved this summer and I packed my fragrances early, I spent about two weeks without wearing anything. Since then I feel like my nose has “reset” and become more sensitive so it seems like my frags perform better ?

  4. Judith Marianne Taufan says:

    I can relate to that. Normally I’d give my nose a little break every now and then but if I have been sampling a lot of newbies or coming back from a long holiday I like to go fragrance free for about 2 weeks or even a month, just to calm and reset my senses.

  5. James Holder says:

    not in the past 30 years or so, no

  6. Mark Gerges says:

    Anxious, paranoid, nervous, thinking I’m being followed

  7. Danny Mosquera says:

    No frags when I’m with nature at a breath taking resort 😉

  8. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Yeah, I totally feel you. That’s very Great.

  9. Marcus G Poplar says:

    I almost did for half the day. But I went to visit my dad and I sprayed some on

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