fragrances for your personal own liking or for the complements

Do you wear fragrances for your personal own liking or for the complements?


  1. Jordan Beard says:

    Option 3: For the bobs.

  2. Mark Roshala says:

    Wear fragrances? I buy bottles, sit on shelf, and stare. Don’t want to run out.

  3. Ryan Nzala says:

    I wear fragrances to entertain my sense of smell. I don’t wear them for other people for obvious reasons: we have different tastes.

  4. This topic comes up almost every week,and there is this constant criticism of those who wear fragrances because they want to be complimented? Why? Why do people automatically equate wanting to get compliments with “wearing a fragrance that you don’t li…See More

  5. Serge Lakatos says:

    Personal 80%
    Others 20%

  6. Indigo Rivera says:

    For both! But mostly for me! Lol

  7. Indigo Rivera says:

    I wish people would like crazier fragrances–so the whole idea of a crowdpleaser would be antiquated. Most I love are highly rated by a lot of people, but there are enough good oddballs that should get more play.

  8. Jason Dean says:

    50/50. I don’t need the compliments but I need to know that others enjoy the smell. ?

  9. Chris Ruprecht says:

    Nothing would change for me if I never got a single comment on my scent from anybody. I enjoy wearing them for me first and foremost. Other people liking it is just a bonus. However, I do base my decision on WHICH frag to wear based on the people I …See More

  10. Baba Yaga says:

    I did it all for the nookie

  11. Jon Brooks says:

    I love me, in fact I just complimented myself.

  12. Jamarr White says:

    Both, but I def would say the imput/compliments from others is the main factor

  13. Chris Hall says:

    Both. Just like my clothing selections. If it was really just up to my preference and nothing else, I’d wear pajamas to work everyday.

  14. Anthony McQuiston says:

    Mostly me. I do wear some people pleasers though.

  15. Anthony Bagala says:

    Personal own liking. That’s why olfactory fatigue is a real grievance !

  16. Kris Richardson says:

    Both. Mostly me

  17. Hasan Rahman says:

    Own liking, the complements are bonuses ?

  18. David Ramos says:

    My own, most of the time. But when I wear something I’m not crazy about I seem to get more compliments…

  19. Parampal Singh says:

    Sidhu I beat myself into liking the fragrances that give me the most compliments… So for myself ?

  20. Jonas Fransson says:

    50/50 😉 Fortunately, I like all the fragrances that give me most compliments. Get most of my compliments for my clothes though.

  21. Shawn Bousa says:

    Definitely for myself lol

  22. Abby Dunkley says:

    Both. I love compliments.

  23. Peter Maida says:

    Jr. Pretty much both. I like it when I can get whiffs of it throughout the workday.

  24. Peter Maida says:

    Jr. Pretty much both. I like it when I can get whiffs of it throughout the workday.

  25. Felipe Rivera says:

    For the panties to drop.

  26. Aaron Esslinger says:

    Compliments are great, but I get compliments randomly with the random scent I CHOOSE to wear at the time. I don’t think getting noticed is the measure of a fragrance — ever.

  27. Terrance Change says:

    Never for myself. I love women & I’m not ashamed say it. I wear it strictly to attract them and only them. I don’t mind talking sh*t with the fellas but at the end of the day…. my main concern is panties droppin’ & bunny hoppin’ ??

  28. Miguel Parson says:

    Myself, it’s mood enhancing ?… but if it conjure up compliments it’s a plus

  29. Nando Medina says:

    for compliments

  30. Kyle Stevens says:

    It seems pretentious to wear fragrances for compliments or to impress other people. People don’t understand that I like to wear fragrances for myself. To me wearing fragrances is like changing your view. I would rather watch a sunset or look at mountains. Controlling what you smell is like controlling what you view.

  31. Sara Meyers says:

    Morehead Personal

  32. Brooks Both…..but mainly myself

  33. El-Merriwether Christopher says:

    80% for me… 20% compliments?

  34. Louis Arrighi says:

    we’re going to get a lot more projection beasts meaning ambroxan filled fragrances if these idiots keep promoting projection beasts. fragrance people need to grow the f up.

  35. Thomas Kannegießer says:

    I mostly do it for myself. I put the people around me into consideration. If I am going to work in the office or will travel long distance I am going for less challenging stuff, and don’t spray as much. But compliments – while nice – do not really matter. If I did it for the compliments and the “panty dropping” I probably would not wear most of my collection.

  36. Ahmet Indere says:

    i dont really care about compliments anymore, as long as i dont offend or annoy anyone with my scent im good. im wearing it for myself

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