from my wardrobe would you choose for a first date?

What fragrance from my wardrobe would you choose for a first date?
I’m considering Aventus as a first option, but these also seem good: Le Male, La Nuit Vintage, Original Santal, CH Men…
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  1. Ray Cotton says:

    I havent met a single woman who didnt love aventus. just go a little lighter to make it a bit more subtle and spray it on the chest.

  2. Enrique Castillo says:

    I’ve met too many lol my wife is at the top of the list

  3. Ray Cotton says:

    too many who dont love it?

  4. Enrique Castillo says:

    Yep. I have yet to meet one that actually likes it. Maybe it’s a culture thing or the weather

  5. Anthony Lane says:

    In before everyone else with the la nuit or ch men… seriously I think that AHSEE is perfect for a first date.

  6. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Anthony Lane Good one, I wasn’t thinking about it yet

  7. Justin Davis says:

    I would go with 2 sprays of Aventus

  8. Cole Raffield says:

    I saw you were interested in Joop. Ive got a full bottle with box for sale. Missing maybe 3 sprays at the most.

  9. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Cole Raffield I’m holding off on buying more stuff for now. Thanks man!

  10. Cole Raffield says:

    Rodolfo Gusson no problem.

  11. Harlan Wilkinson says:

    Depends on her age, the date, and the weather.

  12. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    What’s that TF you have? I cannot make out what it says.

  13. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Elizabeth Rammos Tobacco vanille

  14. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    Wear that. Hands down. I am a woman. I know better. ?

  15. Guy Grisdale says:

    +1 for this. 100%

  16. Jason Yeomans says:

    Rodolfo Gusson don’t do it RG,, some people want too act like they can speake for everyone and they can’t,, TV is not an easy wearable frag ok, not on a first date, don’t take the chance,everyone is not a frag head…

  17. Robert Jacome says:

    Tobacco Vanille , Rodolfo hands down , and the weather is perfect also for this scent.

  18. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    Jason Yeomans you make me laugh ?

  19. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Ah much as I love TV, I still think it’s too risky for a first date ?

  20. Guy Grisdale says:

    Something that won’t smell like the dudes she used to fuck. So…no AHSEE or Fierce and the like.

  21. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I personally wore Versace eros on my first dates always got compliments

  22. Keaton Crook says:

    I just used the Chanel Edition Blanche and she loved it

  23. Tarun Sachdeva says:

    None out of this list.
    I will unapologetically use Roja Dove Scandal atleast 25 sprays for my first date. ?

  24. Josh Rodriguez says:

    If it were me, CH Men or Allure.

  25. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Aventus and go easy on the trigger.

  26. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    By the fire place

  27. Daniel Wurz says:

    Aventus or nothing.

  28. Adam Keichel says:

    Maybe Dior Homme sport? That’s pretty hard to hate

  29. Michael Blenheim says:

    La Nuit or Bleu edp is what I usually try , I’ve gotten many compliments on Ch as well

  30. Eric Smith says:

    Creed MI. That’s like an aphrodisiac for women. ?

  31. Ahmed Hezzah says:

    I would make my choice dependant on the weather: hot –> Creed MI, warm –> Chanel Edition Blanche, cool/cold –> La Nuit.
    There are also some great ones on your wishlist: The One EdP, Spicebomb Extreme, DHI.

  32. John Romas says:

    Aventus or CH men

  33. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Wow, lots of good answers. Thanks people!

  34. Jason Yeomans says:

    Good luck on your date RG..

  35. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Thanks Jason!

  36. Delta Dawn Downs says:

    Woman chiming in here…go with the TF Tobacco Vanille. That stuff makes me swoon. ?

  37. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Delta Dawn Downs you girls are beginning to make a strong case for TV now ?

  38. Delta Dawn Downs says:

    Rodolfo Gusson my runner up is Aventus. Maybe for date #2? ?

  39. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    Rodolfo Gusson I told you so. ?

  40. Jakkapun V says:

    Aventus,CH Men or Eros (i dun really like this one,it remind me of plum) but i hv to respect that Eros always make me got complimented from all the lady.All of them seem to love it. ?

  41. Tímea Marosan says:

    By the fireplace

  42. Jason Dean says:

    La Nuit if you want your neck nuzzled. Aventus if you want it respected.

  43. Chris Ruprecht says:

    YSL La Nuit or CH Men would be good for a first date. Save Aventus for the second or third.

  44. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    If I was single, La Nuit would be my first choice but in your case, whip out that Chanel eau extreme, women love that stuff, really

  45. My pick would be eau Extreme it’s the only frag I’ve owned or tried out that the wife loved it on the first smell.youll find more chicks dig it then aventus

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