Full of one of my favourite flower astrantia UK

Full of one of my favourite flower astrantia UK


  1. Debbie Newman says:

    Please do share your hints and tips on growing these beauties……

  2. Jane Harper says:

    Debbie Newman cut down and mulch them in winter in spring feed them that all you need to do .When plants get bigger devide them .

  3. Anni Lloyd says:

    Wow, is this now? Amazing how many Astrantia you still have. Mine are still going but not as yours, love them!?

  4. Jane Harper says:

    Anni Lloyd No that was in July. I have about 11 different ones. I cut them back after flowering and they flower again but not so many flowers on them

  5. Anni Lloyd says:

    Oh a fellow ‘crazy Astrantia lover’, I have to confess I got about the same, can’t get enough! They do look amazing in your garden ?? I will put some up of mine now and tag you if you are interested to see them. X

  6. Lorraine Graham says:

    Absolutely beautiful got to get some .

  7. Jane Harper says:

    Christine Belringer no like some sun and part shade

  8. Christine Belringer says:

    Jane Harper thank you, going to try some x

  9. Janet Turner Hayles says:

    One of my favourites I have few different varieties and they self seed

  10. Nancy Rozof says:

    Have never seen these in the US! Beautiful!

  11. Definitely going to do these next year do they go in garden or pots in spring

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