Get on the hype train Get the first

Get on the hype train… Get the first batch…


  1. The Fragrance Guru - Robes08 The Fragrance Guru - Robes08 and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for says:

    No stop no!

  2. Jerry Cabral says:

    The Broventus dudes are high fiving everywhere ?

  3. Ken Desloges says:

    Is that real? not even on creed website yet ” the holy grail “first batch

  4. Daniel Adams says:

    Come on, spend your R&D on paving the new path Creed! Be the bleeding edge of fragrance advancement and stop beating your cash cow. Bring something new that justifies your price point, give us good controversy, not divisive choices that make some quest…See More

  5. Wylie Love III says:

    Daniel Adams Viking screwed that up

  6. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    Birdman rubbing hands gif

  7. Andreas Sardis says:

    Here comes the hype ???

  8. Michael Lynady says:

    Aventus and Royal Crown Celebration had a baby! Lol

  9. Terence Ngwerume says:

    Performance would be so poor it wouldn’t make it as a skin scent. Water would pass as clone

  10. Daniel Wurz says:

    I mean, Aventus single handedly quadrupled their revenue. They would be stupid not to try a flanker.

  11. Keesus Crice says:

    A lighter version? I could understand a parfum, but who wants less out of Aventus?

  12. Jason Craven says:

    I’d personally like to see a darker, smokier version of Aventus.

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