get them instead of myself…??? Anybody interested in any of these?

Went on a shopping spree!!! Unfortunately, the wife reminded me of all our friends that are having babies in the near future and all the presents we need to get them instead of myself…???
Anybody interested in any of these?
Chanel BDC Parfum
SOLD Kilian Straight to Heaven Extreme
Kilian Bamboo Harmony
Kilian Sacred Wood (seriously thinking about keeping this one because it’s discontinued)


  1. Marouane Palmaress Erremich says:


  2. Ahmed Mostafa says:

    Bido Senioritti

  3. Michelle Lundgren Cyrulik says:

    Kevin Kao pm sent

  4. Bob Sacamano says:

    take care of you first then worry about others!

  5. Brent Downey says:

    How much for Kilian STH Extreme?

  6. Kevin Kao says:

    Oh wow. Sorry guys wasn’t expecting all these messages. I’m on the west coast. Lol. I’ll try and get through them but I gotta feed the kids first.

  7. Richard Johnson says:

    Tell your friends they can pay for their own goddamn babies.

  8. Robert LaCombe says:

    Then just return them?.. If you just got them on a shopping spree, simply return them?

  9. Kevin Kao says:

    Yeah I thought about it but I wasted the sales ladies a lot of time and they gave me samples already. I know they aren’t worth much, just carded samples but I’d still feel bad.

  10. Gary Raymond says:

    How much for the bleu de chanel

  11. Kevin Kao says:

    Hey Gary, I can do $125. But one of the guys who messaged me said these go on sale at Sephora so you might be able to get a better deal there, just FYI.

  12. Gary Raymond says:

    I jus checked..i guess it’s no sale..

  13. Bido Senioritti says:

    Interested in BDC

  14. Kevin Kao says:

    Hey Bido, I don’t think I got your message.

  15. Kevin Kao says:

    All pending but still available.

  16. Sash Pecinov says:

    Why not just return them?
    Seriously bud

  17. Kevin Kao says:

    I replied to Robert for the same thing. Maybe it’s an Asian culture thing. I rarely return things unless it’s literally broken on arrival or something. I’d rather go through the hassle of selling and trying to recoup some money than bringing it back and wasting the time of the department store employees who helped me ??‍♂️

  18. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    As a married man of 27 years, we get checked, proceed as normal

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