Got a buddy into fragrances a little over a

Got a buddy into fragrances a little over a year ago & its been an incredible experience watching his interest & his collection grow. But nothing compares to the small miracle Ive witnessed along the way… His eldest son (who is about 16) was heading down the wrong path. Always at odds with his parents & really combative over the smallest of things. Telling his mom he hated her, fighting with his dad etc. It was really bad & I felt so helpless. It was so hard watching my buddy struggle with not knowing what to do &/or which direction to turn. He was literally at his witts end, lost & so heart broken. Long story short, out of nowhere his son took a great interest in his dads fragrance collection. They began to go sample different frags at Nordstrom, Macys etc.& really developed an amazing collection. Turns out his son has an incredible nose! Now the three of us share in the love of fragrance & spend countless hours sampling & discussing different fragrances. In a years time Ive watched something helpless blossom into the most beautiful father & son bond Ive ever seen. Theyre sooooo close now & i swear its like an entirely different kid. I havent seen my friend this happy EVER & man what a beautiful thing. Point of the story is, Ive come to realize, theres so much more to fragrance than smelling good… & i am beyond honored to not only be a part of the greatest hobby on the planet but to share in that with others. Amazing how every single decision/move you make in life can change someones life forever…


  1. Daniel Wurz says:

    I hope my daughters love fragrances.

  2. Zachary Goshert says:

    My 3 year old already loves sampling things from my collection.

  3. Carlos J. says:

    Duncan Scents can change our moods. Sometimes I just smell something to brighten up my day

  4. Billy Par says:

    Frags can bring us together or tear us apart…I gave a bortnikoff a first wear and my dog had a sneezing fit and walked away from me so its pretty rough times on my side. :p

  5. Daniel Begay says:

    For me a few of my kids like the fragrances i have had,but they arent totally into it like myself. & for me some of the vintage frags are like time traveling for me,back to when i was young!.

  6. April Olas says:

    What a great experience, thanks for sharing such a cool story. ?

  7. Lee Leibowitz says:

    Wonderful story, thank you for sharing!

  8. Mayank Kumar says:

    That’s so wholesome to read.
    “You become what you sniff”

  9. Gina Steddar says:

    That’s awesomely heartwarming.

  10. Dejuan Hall says:

    Maaaan THAT is outstanding.

  11. Starling Tulle says:

    Perfume really brings people together. I know a little girl who has a tough family life this past year. She’s struggled while her father was deployed and missed him so much. Her family dynamics were not ideal and so her father really mattered to her. …See More

  12. Michael Graves says:

    My son (22 now) stayed using my scents when he was 15. He wore my Creed MI all through high school. Now he likes Nassomatto Absinth and my Dior Fahrenheit.

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