Gourmand(s) fragrance that almost made you chew your hand

Name that gourmand(s) fragrance that almost made you chew your hand.


  1. Chad Vess says:

    Might be easier to name some drugs that had that effect

  2. Dexter Gonzalez says:

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme

  3. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Taste of fragrance. The chili note drying down to that beautiful coffee scent was amazing and I don’t even drink coffee

  4. Mark Mcauley says:

    Ecstasy lol, nah id have to say House of Matriarch Coco Blanc when i sampled it but “I aint paying that retail for a bottle” (Dame Dash voice) lol

  5. Jessica Stewart says:

    I do have my fair share of gourmands, but nothing made me hungry like Jo Malone’s “Bitter Orange and Chocolate”. It’s also the ONLY fragrance a sales rep talked me into, aka a purchase I didn’t intend to make. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty much unused, gorgeous

  6. Judith Marianne Taufan says:

    Guerlain SDV, Shay & Blue Salt Caramel. Recently I layered SDV with Ortigia Sicilia Mandorla, I smelled like almond nougat.

  7. Kilian black phantom & single malt, Serge Lutens Fille en aiguilles & un bois vanille,L’Artisan bois farine

  8. Smarlie Chen says:

    Guerlain Gourmand Coquin. I don’t even like chocolate.

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