grail of aventus which match numbers should I be considering?

Guys if I am looking for the holy grail of aventus which match numbers should I be considering?


  1. Keesus Crice says:

    2011 x02 and 2012 z01, is that the right years? Either way, I’d probably just not even worry about it.

  2. Danny Mosquera says:

    Maybe, I associate the 2 digits before the letter with the year.

    I think it might have been manufactured holiday 2011 and released in 2012

  3. I believe 11 Z01 is considered the goat

  4. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Anything from 2011 and 2012. I’ve owned the following and they all smelled the same and had nuclear longevity: 11X02, 11Z01, 12E01.

  5. Danny Mosquera says:

    11Z01 (2011) not the 13Z01 (2013)
    If you find a 2010 ill buy it I’m not a big fan of anything after 2010.

    Think of 2010 batches targeted to a early 30’s european bad ass that drinks a black espresso while smoking a cigaret after.

    2011 is targeted to a early 20’s American that rides a scooter and drinks a peach smoothy for lunch

  6. Keesus Crice says:

    If you ever seen Cutlass Supreme’s videos he used to hate it, detested, I think this was in the time of those earlier batches, smelled a more current batch,bought a full bottle.

  7. Danny Mosquera says:

    Whatever it was it was the magic potent potion ?

  8. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    Thanks so much guys I went to the only perfumery in Perth today with no luck but the guy said he will get back to me

  9. Keesus Crice says:

    The way Z02 came to fame was when X02 ceased to exist, it was thought as inferior, but a close runner up and a solid alternative, in this time period this was when a lot of people were splitting,especially youtube, so with that commonality, there was the group appraise. Prior to this point Pure Malt and Pure Havane, even DHI, had more hype in the groups, this is when Aventus cemented itself in the limelight. So, even if there were a dozen batches of the same caliber, it was a definite social construct that propped these batches on a pedestal.

  10. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    Really appreciate all the input guys. Thanks very much

  11. Aundre Powell says:

    here we go! lol

  12. Danny Mosquera says:

    You ask and you get batch info ? quicker than Google

  13. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    Yes absolutely. I am very grateful to the community.

  14. James De Leon says:

    My favorite is 16C01

  15. John Brice Bain says:

    I have a partial 13ZZ01 that I’d sell for $250. I compared it side by side with 11Z01 and it out preformed.

  16. Allyn Poegel says:

    I prefer 13z01 to the earlier batches. How partial is that 13zz01 John John Brice Bain? Pic?

  17. Allyn Poegel says:

    But to answer OP’s question, batch snobs in the know tend to say 11×02 is holy grail, your avg aventus aficionado would say 11z01, but it’s all subjective and basically bullshit. Pre-2013 I think are definitely different than recent batches, but they all have their nuances and age differently like a fine wine. Also of note, I think that temperature and exposure to light may play a part in how they smell.

  18. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    Thanks Allyn for the info mate. I feel like a Dr. In Aventus History now.

    Like you said each to his own. I am trying to find the pre 2013 batches. But I recently got 16D01 batch two days ago and I love it. Haven’t tired the longevity yet

  19. Brent Lindsay says:

    My 12f01 is beastly af. Dont pass on it ever.

  20. Allyn Poegel says:

    Brent Brent Lindsay does your 12f01 have an ashy note to it?

  21. Brent Lindsay says:

    Allyn Poegel, it has a fair amount of ashy smoke yessir…which the smoke helps it to last as long as it does. Ive found from testing many batches, the pineapple is responsible for projection, and smokey birch responsible for lasting power.

  22. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    I rather have the pineapple than the smoke. Am I good with the 16D01 then?

  23. Justin Wilcox says:

    Is the 15A01 ass then?

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