Guerlain Ideal EDP or Ideal Intense?

Guerlain Ideal EDP or Ideal Intense? Tell me why and where to get in the USA? Next purchase


  1. William Reyes says:

    The edp is more versatile.

  2. Bjørn Tore Paulen says:

    If I recall correctly the L’Intense is very smokey.

  3. Devin Hicks says:

    Which one is for a well dressed gentleman? I also want others to smell me. Not a skin scent

  4. Goran Grivčić says:

    EDP. Intense is smokey and sharp. It smells similar but the EDP just rocks with that cherry leather combo.

  5. edp definitely.the intense one felt little under whelming…

  6. Devin Hicks says:

    Is it an actual cherry note or Tonka?

  7. Devin Hicks says:

    Or is it almonds

  8. Nelson René Ramírez says:

    To me Ideal L’Intense it’s more close to EDT than EDP, then if you like cherry liquor scent take the EDP or if you prefer spicy leather scent take L’Intense flanker

  9. Goran Grivčić says:

    Cherry. Almonds to me isn’t so pronounced. but the leather. It’s like fahrenheit quality leather only with cherry

  10. Devin Hicks says:

    Hmmmm hows the projection on both? Which one is suit and tie?

  11. Goran Grivčić says:

    For me, only EDP is worth it. I get 6 hours easily and because it’s leather I can smell it for hours more if I gt very close to the skin.

  12. Devin Hicks says:

    Seems like the EDP is getting more attention here. Where can I get this in the USA?

  13. Try Neiman Marcus. That’s where I got my l’homme ideals. Go directly to the stand where guerlain is and ask for mens fragrance. They’re hard to find in the states but check out the higher-end stores.

  14. Devin Hicks says:

    My niemens doesn’t carry any thing guerlain

  15. Joshua Hoke says:

    I haven’t smelled Intense but the EDP fits what you’re wanting very well. It’s upscale, gentlemanly and performs well. Unfortunately very few places in the US ever carried the EDP. You may have to order a sample or decant from someone if you wanna try before you buy.

  16. Joshua Hoke says:

    By few places carrying it I mean like in person brick and mortar stores. It’s available easily online. And at very good prices.

  17. Devin Hicks says:

    Haven’t found any online store that carries ideal EDP yet

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