Guys, any idea what this is worth?

Guys, any idea what this is worth? 2 5 Versace metal jeans. No top for sprayer. Level just under the crest. Thanks


  1. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Ok. Thanks. I’ve had it for years. Never liked it. I saw ridiculous prices on eBay that didn’t seem right.

  2. Enrique Castillo says:

    Is it the men’s version?

  3. Enrique Castillo says:

    That frag got me my first compliment from the girl who is now my wife. Unfortunately it’s discontinued and yeah I’ve see the crazy prices on eBay

  4. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Enrique Castillo great story.

  5. Enrique Castillo says:

    Shaheen Ferris so… how much lol

  6. Shaheen Ferris says:

    I think I bought it at Marshalls for 20 bucks years ago

  7. Enrique Castillo says:

    Would you sell it? I’d love to have this again lol bring back some memories

  8. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Honestly I don’t know. One guy says 5 bucks. eBay is sky high. Honestly I don’t know what is fair

  9. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Sure, or u can swap me something.

  10. Enrique Castillo says:

    I have exactly one fragrance in my collection so can’t really trade lol shoot me a pm with a price ?

  11. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    Daniel Zimmerman would have an idea if he’s not busy

  12. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Robert Heath Herndon Yes he would. Thanks for the suggestion Robert

  13. Daniel Zimmerman says:

    based on the actually sold for price for this I believe it would sell for about 100 and 150 on ebay but many people may be hesitant to buy with no sprayer however when I get rares with no sprayer I usally decant

  14. Shaheen Ferris says:

    Daniel Zimmerman thanks so much for your valuable opinion. Much appreciated.

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