has been ur best frag of the year so far?

2018 Has Been a Good perfume year!
What has been ur best frag of the year so far?


  1. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Creed Aventus remains my bestie

  2. Maxime Marcoux says:

    Released in 2018 you mean? Probably 1 Million Lucky

  3. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Haven’t bought anything since February so I’m out of the loop on what’s been released aside from lucky.

    Only things I grabbed in February were lyric man and Interlude

  4. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Interlude is good

  5. Nick Kowalick says:

    Elysium Parfum

  6. Avantius Maximus says:

    I’ve been blessed this year. 7 different Creeds.

  7. Bradley Harrison says:

    surprisingly it’s been Imaginary Authors Every Storm a Serenade for me

  8. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Beautiful juice

  9. Sam Cooke says:


  10. Aniket Pareek says:

    trudilondon italian neroli

  11. Johnnie Hannah Jr. says:

    Spicebomb Extreme

  12. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    How’s that smell?

  13. Johnnie Hannah Jr. says:

    Aliyu..smells like a combination of Tom Ford Noir Extreme and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

  14. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Johnnie Hannah Jr. wow.. can’t wait to sniff those combinations

  15. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    Russian Oud

  16. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Tuxedo and PVI

  17. Atinderjit Singh says:

    Finally got a bottle of Nassamotto Baraonda and pardon. And man i have gone through half already!

  18. Mohammed Aljailani says:

    Loving ur juice pretty well..

  19. J Michael Jones says:

    Getting amber absolute 250ml

  20. Eric Smith says:

    Lunar Vetiver by Amouroud

  21. Fabian Medina says:

    I like intense des indes Amouroud fantastic

  22. Jack Montgomery says:

    Mancera Coco Vanille, Molinard Figue, PV Rush of Unicorns, PV Verbena Fields, PV Emerald Isle, Mancera Sicily.

  23. Kristofer Davis-Taylor says:

    Ohhh coco Vanille my fav Mancera

  24. Gabe Coren says:

    Aliyu Yahyah its a performance beast

  25. Chris Luna says:

    Eric Smith plus it’s longevity and quality is supper I love ‘em..

  26. Donovan Twaddle says:

    That Sicily hows it?

  27. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Gotta wait till September on that rush of unicorns???

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