Have you ever bought clones from Etsy

Have you ever bought clones from Etsy? Large community over there and supposedly, highly rated clones.


  1. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    Didn’t buy a clone but am original tiny perfume oil which I like.

  2. Trevor Rabbach says:

    I really like the stuff from Cinis Labs. Not clones but very interesting frags

  3. Mattie Fuller says:

    I’ll also not answer your question directly and say that I bought Harvest by Meremeta (?) (not a clone!) on Etsy. What brand were you looking at?

  4. Contour Boar says:

    I have some bottles from “squirtz” and really like them. The bottles are ugly but the juice is good. As good as any Alexandria I have

  5. Edison F. says:

    Martinez Fragrance Unlimited I hear has good clones

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