Hello! Do you use product tagging on Instagram?

Hello! ?
Do you use product tagging on Instagram? Do you make sales through Instagram?
Would love to hear your opinions and experiences !


  1. Rene Christine says:

    Whenever I use product tags on Instagram I have a lot higher views on Instagram and Etsy. I’ve def made sales from it

  2. Seerat Nafees says:

    What is product tagging?

  3. Seerat Nafees says:

    Oh thankyou❤.never knew it was a thing?.i just add the link to my listing in every instagram post.

  4. E.M. Bougades says:

    But your products need to be in Facebook shop first, yes?

  5. Rene Christine says:

    E.M. Bougades yes they need to be on your business Facebook

  6. E.M. Bougades says:

    Whats a product tag???

  7. E.M. Bougades says:

    Whoa! Do you need to have something other than Instagram & etsy???

  8. Rene Christine says:

    E.M. Bougades business Facebook page as well!

  9. E.M. Bougades says:

    Okay, Ive been in the process of setting that up 🙂

  10. E.M. Bougades says:

    You tag a product you show on your Instagram post and people go straight to your Etsy shop when they click on your picture. You need to create the Facebook listings first and those have to lead to your Etsy shop, Instagram doesn’t work directly with Etsy but links through Facebook work!

  11. Sarah Thompson says:

    Aha, multistep process! Thanks 🙂

  12. Samantha Bell Rios says:

    Whoa!! I just learned like 5 new things in this one post! I have lots of work to do! Thanks everyone!

  13. Irina Sheina says:

    Instagram and product tags are one of my biggest marketing strategies that make me the most sales

  14. Laura Harris says:

    I always wondered how people made sales from Instagram! This is incredible, I had no idea!

  15. Tina Parish says:

    How can you tag the product?

  16. Melissa Montgomery says:


  17. Joi Motley says:

    Samantha Bell Rios very useful, thanks for that ?

  18. Emma Amies says:

    Im just trying to start. Ive linked fb and Instagram and created my product catalog. Just waiting on insta to approve me for shopping.

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