Hello everyone A little help if you would I’ve

Hello everyone.
A little help if you would.
I’ve been on a little Iris kick lately and I’m looking for fragrances with Iris.
I already have Valentino Uomo Intense & Acqua, Dior homme intense, Prada Lhomme and Prada lhomme intense.
I need more!!!!?


  1. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Florentine Iris and Acqua di Iris , both by Ermenegildo Zegna. Btw, what do you think of the ones you mentioned ? I have DHI out of those 4 in your post.

  2. Carlos Munoz says:

    Love them, Valentino intense is my favorite.

  3. Carlos Munoz says:

    Thx, I’ll check those out.

  4. Zach Malan says:

    Dior Homme Eau for men, Hugo Boss Parfum Edition (not listed in note breakdown I don’t think but that’s the main thing I get from the scent)

  5. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Found a few more: silver iris mist and Clair De Musc by Serge. So iris intense from Montale has few good reviews too.
    I have Clair de musc but it’s mostly musk and iris is faint. Let us know if you get your hands on anything new.

  6. Daniel Swan says:

    Best Iris scent to me is Impossible Iris by Ramon Monegal.

  7. Vic Kalchev says:

    Best Iris scent to me is Impossible Iris by Ramon Monegal.

  8. Greg Workman says:

    Thx for the info

  9. Matt Scherreik says:

    L’Attesa by Masque Milano
    For Secret by Bruno Fazzolari

  10. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Dior homme eau

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