Hello fragrance lovers, the reason why I joined this

Hello fragrance lovers, the reason why I joined this group is that I bought recently a bottle of Chanel Allure Homme Sport EE ( but I do also like fragrances a lot ) and maybe I’ll also learn something new here.
But as I said I wanted to get as fast as possible an opinion on this Chanel bottle because I’m not an expert but in my eyes it’s like 90% a fake without smelling it.
Would be very nice if someone had to do with a few Chanel bottles and can PM me..
SOTD – Carolina Herrera Ch Men (2011) ?


  1. Abdullah Mohammad says:

    Provide detailed Pictures

  2. Shawn Bailey says:

    Bartłomiej Gabryszak This right here with the ribbing it whatever is always a bad sign

  3. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I believe its real

  4. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Well, the thing is that the cap is very loose, it’s squeaking when I twist it. And the lettering maybe the picture isn’t the best and you can’t see, but the “Eau Extreme” isn’t straight in line.

  5. Jonathan Plaza says:

    My cap squeaks as well, and the bottle/box seems pretty consistent with everything I have seen.

  6. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I checked the batch code and it is real

  7. Jonathan Plaza says:

    My cap makes the same sound, I think you’re good.

  8. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Okay, but now another thing.. the date is 2011, the seller said he bought it from Douglas (perfumery in Europe) last year. Would they have a 6 years old bottle in official dealer store?

  9. Jonathan Plaza says:

    It’s possible, it seems to be one of the first batches. You sir, have a vintage.

  10. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I can’t smell it, but as long as the fragrance is fine the packaging and bottle are fine as far as I can tell

  11. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Okay, thank you. Will wait for some other opinions to be sure

  12. Anthony A. Tóth says:

    Jonathan Plaza lol just because the batch code shows up on those sites doesn’t mean it’s real.. anyone can put a legit batch code on a fake bottle

  13. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    This sharp edge looks also weird..

  14. Anthony A. Tóth says:

    I’m no expert, but judging from the printing on the bottle, it looks poorly done, and yeah “eau extreme is definitely warped. Also if it was new in box I don’t think it should’ve had that many dents and scratches

  15. Jonathan Plaza says:

    He bought it used

  16. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Jonathan Plaza no no, it was brand new sir

  17. Anthony A. Tóth says:

    Bartłomiej Gabryszak definitely a fake my friend

  18. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Anthony A. Tóth check my last pictures that I posted. Should be very clear to say that it is a fake one.. ?

  19. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Ok, if you’re in the US I’ll take it off your hands for $15

  20. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Jonathan Plaza I’m from Europe sir

  21. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Depending on the price down I might be interested in paying the shipping

  22. Anthony A. Tóth says:

    Hahahahahah wow..

  23. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Jonathan Plaza I mean if u want it.. but it’s a fake

  24. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I’ll pm you

  25. Shawn Bailey says:

    Jonathan Plaza why… hope there’s no resell plans going on here ?

  26. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Shawn Bailey wtf? Ask anyone I have dealt with in this group for the last 7 years, I only deal with legit fragrances. If I buy something with the possibility of being fake, its for me.

  27. Shawn Bailey says:

    Jonathan Plaza Dude I don’t even know you, it’s not like I’m making a post or anything. Just sounds fishy is all.

  28. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I’m simply not convinced that its fake and if Bart is willing to part with it for a low price as him and I have already discussed, then this absolutely nothing to do with you.

  29. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    Paint and printing look bad. Likely fake.

  30. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    I did spray it like 10-15minutes ago. Projection very very poor, I need to go like 2cm close to my nose to smell anything.

  31. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    Sorry you got a fake. Chanel tightly controls grey market selling so you should only buy it retail or from someone you know and trust.

  32. Bartek Gabryszak says:

    I found a video on YouTube and checked my atomizer as the package of the fragrance and there were again few differences. Will just post pictures again

  33. Shawn Bailey says:

    Atomizer should be more greyish, mate. And this weird white thing where the sprayer is

  34. Shawn Bailey says:

    Oh yeah man it’s fake

  35. Shawn Bailey says:

    It looks fake to me man, you should show us the sprayer.

  36. Robert LaCombe says:

    Yeah you seem to know what you’re looking for, unfortunately you got a fake??‍♂️

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