Help me choose people Valentino umomo intense or pure

Help me choose people. Valentino umomo intense or pure malt.


  1. Austin Forauer says:

    Personally I’d go with pure malt

  2. Michael Goodman says:

    Valentino Uomo hands down!

  3. Roman Garcia says:

    Haven’t tried Pure Malt personally, but VUI is one of my favorite cold weather frags

  4. Delshawn C. McDaniel says:


  5. So hard to choose. My gf said pure malt smells like fkn axe LMAO

  6. Abdulrahman Jaafeer says:

    it is a tough call.. vui for formal wearing and pure malt for the clubbing/bar night out.. depends on where and when u want to wear the perfume..

  7. I can see myself wearing uomo intense in a cold day/night wearing a coat though

  8. Abdulrahman Jaafeer says:

    Mo Jamal then go for it.. u d love it

  9. Jamison Potter says:

    Pure Malt is the better frag, but VUI is probably more versatile.

  10. Kade Christensen says:

    I would say get both they are different enough to own both

  11. Luis De La Cruz says:

    Pure Malt, by far.

  12. Jimmy El Hage says:

    Why im your opinion. Love both. Can only get one

  13. Charles Martinez says:

    They’re very different. To me Pure Malt is the best in it’s class. Dior Homme & Dior Homme Intense both do what VUI does much better.

  14. Heemel Dutta says:

    Luis De La Cruz do you think dior homme intense is better than vui? Damn must try it

  15. DHI is much better than VUI

  16. Mark Mcauley says:

    I do, to me both DH & DHI are much better.

  17. Jordan Davis says:

    Luis De La Cruz i heard dhi is reformulated and doesnt last long at all anynore though?

  18. Constantina Bitrou-Warner says:

    Yup, in terms of the smell quality. Dior must have use a much better ingredients

  19. Bovey Bey says:

    No matter which fxxking formulation is it u need to have 1

  20. Darijan Todorovic says:

    I own the vintage DHI, I had the reformulated version from years ago and sold it once I bought the vintage. The performance on the reformulated was good on my skin though.

  21. Rich Doss says:

    I have a 08,12 and 14. Honestly i like the 12 the most

  22. Nate Manning says:

    Clayton Wong any idea where I can cop the vintage bro?

  23. Justin White says:

    Honestly, to me it’s not worth the price for the vintage now. Just go for the current one. It’s as good, only the iris is not so strong. N it last.

  24. Ivelin L. Kostov says:

    Clayton Wong thx bro

  25. Not on the list but Valentino Uomo Noir Absolute is Gorgeous!!

  26. Fouad Tamri says:

    Totally different fragrances. I’d go with regular Valentino Uomo, personally.

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