Hey frag com thoughts on Pineapple vintage intense ?

Hey frag com thoughts on Pineapple vintage intense ? Just blind bought it thanks in advance


  1. Kyle Tennant says:

    Super sharp synthetic pineapple smell to my nose but after hours and hours dries down nice just not for me

  2. Chris Young says:

    Safe blind buy. Sliced pineapple love. Plus of it’s not for you, sell it. We would buy to avoid the 3 week wait. ?

  3. Rogelio Morales says:

    Great scent. Long lasting, compliment monster. Pineapple ?

  4. Jamie Robinson says:

    For me it’s a Pineapple batch on a different level to Aventus. Funny I saw a reviewer saying that he heard that PV was “hyped” and then he ended up saying that he preferred it to Aventus. Seems that there are a few people who just think it’s cool to say something is hyped when they haven’t experienced something as good quality as this and are used to idiots online saying that Club De Nuit Intense is similar to Aventus.

  5. Omar Arguelles says:

    My favorite scent for summer until now, every day I wear it is a day with compliments, go for it my friend. ?️‍♂️

  6. Curtis Canady says:

    1 of my favrite frags. Good buy! And if u dont like it someone will buy it within like 1 hr lol

  7. Ricardo Olivera says:

    Its banging i almost prefer it to aventus just because of its excellent performance

  8. Michael Andrews says:

    Compliment monster

  9. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Can’t say enough about it, my wife wears it a lot too. Great scent, projects and last forever, I don’t hit the base til the next day. Compliment monster, for real, not hyping it up. The first time I wore it 2 females complimented me within 5 minutes of each other. Gabriel Rodriguez, calls it the pineapple bomb???

  10. Jhony Sánchez Sarmiento says:

    Performance sucks on my skin

  11. Brutus Browns says:

    Genuinely curious because I see this happen so often — but why do people ask for feedback on a product AFTER buying it, especially blindly? ??

    I don’t understand this. You’ve already bought it, the product is en route, why not just try it and form your own opinion? Or, solicit feedback BEFORE buying it? ?

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