Hey guys! What are your favorite Montales?

Hey guys!
What are your favorite Montales?
And this may be a stupid question, but considering its niche status, how come its prices are so affordable?


  1. Gamar Classee Humphries says:

    My favorite is Honey Aoud!

  2. Wild Pear, Sandflowers, Rose Musk

  3. Sebastian Wanda says:

    Woods & spices

  4. Paolo Gomez says:

    Black Aoud, White Aoud, Dark Aoud, Aoud Musk, Intense Cafe, Blue Amber, Full Incense, Red Aoud, Sweet Oriental Dream.

  5. perhaps add red vetyver in there and remove Aoud Musk and youll have my list.

  6. Tristan Durand says:

    Spicy Aoud, Starry Nights, Fruits of the Musk

  7. Kenneth Link says:

    NONE!!! Such a gimmicky house where everything is spelled Aoud And uses the same theme…..

  8. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Musk to Musk

  9. Adam Athans says:

    Out of the ones I’ve tried… Honey Aoud! Great smell, beastly performance

  10. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Its just the lower end side of niche, just like you have a more affordable side to designers as well. But theres plenty of affordable niche houses that are really good like some of these, or even something like Acqua di Parma.

  11. Rahul Prasher says:

    Niche and affordability are not mutually exclusive.
    Edit: forgot to say my favourite. Probably Intense Tiare, but only in small doses!

  12. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    Strangely Mukhallat

  13. Gabriel N Naomi Gallawa says:

    Aluminum bottles are cheaper to produce than glass. They also weigh much less so they can be transported much cheaper as well.

  14. Mario Duncan says:

    Woods and spices

  15. Juan Rojas says:

    Honey Aoud, Intense cafe and Red Aoud. All 3 are great for fall and winter.

  16. Mark Tuka says:

    Just tried Honey Aoud and im in LOVE!

  17. Kyle Stevens says:

    Molinard is affordable niche

  18. Tessa Diana Dore says:

    I prefer cheaper niche. Fragrances

  19. Michelle Bass says:

    Honey Aoud, Chocolate Greedy

  20. Gerald Martin Moore says:

    Aoud Rose Petals

  21. Charles Martinez says:

    Chocolate Greedy.

  22. Keesus Crice says:

    Intense Cafe, Aoud Melody, Dark Aoud. I dont think Montale is using costly raw materials, its all marketing. I think theyre just churning this shit out in a lab somewhere, I dont think theres a real artisan and creative process of perfumery, I think the basis of their business model is quantity over quality. The rate at which theyve dropped releases between Montale and Mancerra, Id assume isnt even humanly possible for one perfumer to just keep dropping the number of the scents they have.

  23. Gladys Stevens says:

    Montale doesnt work for me at all, although there are a few Manceras I like.

  24. Anthony McQuiston says:

    Aoud Leather.

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