Hi does anyone please know if I can put

Hi does anyone please know if I can put my runner beans into the garden or is it too early theyre about 8″ high ..thankyou


  1. Debbie Newman says:

    Location please?

  2. Julie Pilkington says:

    Yes but protect them from frost and wind

  3. Dave Shepherd says:

    No,still a chance of frost,one night will kill off all your efforts,be patient a couple of weeks wont make much difference to the cropping time

  4. Gareth Williams says:

    If your in the uk, I’d hold off until the end of the month.

  5. Frank Harrison says:

    Too early for me in the Midlands UK

  6. Les Winter says:

    End of may to be safe

  7. Len Harvey says:

    Look out for frost@

  8. Kerrie Blissett says:

    Mine always go out end of month.

  9. Jeannette Chapman says:

    Thank you everyone very grateful xxx

  10. I plant mine in the last week of May been doing that for years

  11. Gareth Williams says:

    A good gardener will let the weather forecast be there guide, this time last year it was warm, it’s just common sense.

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