Hi guys Quick vote Allure Eau de Parfum or

Hi guys. Quick vote Allure Eau de Parfum or Bleu de Chanel Parfum. Please support your answers. I’m buying now.


  1. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    I’m referring to Allure for women.

  2. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Bleu De Chanel EDP. Its more potent, deep & the most Important part is that it’s the most versatile fragrance you’ll ever find.

  3. Chris Sétian says:

    Bleu de Chanel for sure

  4. Daniel Mandel says:

    allure EDP for women

  5. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    BDC parfum, my wife says this is the best perfume ever made. I should wear it more often 😀

  6. Robert Caros says:

    I have bdc parfum for sale if you’re interested

  7. Anthony Durelle Ware says:

    BDC Parfum. Easy..

  8. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Guys in terms of percentage, how much is Bleu de Chanel Eau de parfum similar to the parfum? Is it almost the same? Are there notiecable differences?

  9. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Im doing a blind buy here since that chanel counter is too far from home. I only had the edp before for bleu.

  10. Miguel Angel Ramos says:

    Bleu has year round versatility. Stronger and bolder.

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