Hi I have EtsyRank, but was wondering who is

Hi. I have EtsyRank, but was wondering who is using Marmalead, and is there a free version or one that is less than $19 per month. Thanks?


  1. Hayley Kellard says:

    The free version is almost pointless in my opinion, I did really like it though when I paid and I might get it again. The forecasting tool is great.

  2. Valinda Voogt says:

    I hav etried both and like etsy rank better. A few months ago i changed all my listings with marmalead and then crickets… last week i tried etsy rank and finaly my sales are up ago.

  3. Valinda Voogt says:

    I also went through same phase

  4. Melissa Grant says:

    I think it is very personal and niche dependent which works best for you.

  5. Kathy Dion says:

    I’ve tried both and really like Etsy Rank better. Some of what Marmalead teaches or suggests just doesn’t make any sense. I also tested a group of listings marmalead vs Etsy rank. My marmalead products went dead my Etsy tank products sold and got views. That’s huge to me

  6. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Melissa Grant Thank you. I think I will stay with EtsyRank. Do you use the free or paid version

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