Hi ive got cutting of a white hydrangea And

Hi ive got cutting of a white hydrangea. And im wondering how i can get it to grow in my Garden. At the moment it in water.Thanks


  1. Jacqueline Shaw says:

    I’d like to know this too! Hurry up oh knowledgeable ones!

  2. Carla Newall says:

    Corness This is it.

  3. Carla Newall says:

    Corness And a cutting of Red Robbin. Aswell x

  4. Sue Brindley says:

    i left mine in water until it rooted

  5. Gareth Parfitt says:

    You could put it in a pot until it grows a bit then transplant. Hydrangea do like a slightly acid soil but the white variety are ok in soil that is neutral. Good luck

  6. Gareth Parfitt says:

    If roots haven’t started forming just yet then dip the cutting into some rooting hormone ( available at garden centres ) and then pot up in some potting compost. Hope that’s not to confusing, sorry I couldn’t quite see if it had roots forming from the picture. They are usually quite successful

  7. Galloway Take cuttings from new wood place in pot of Pottng soil keep soil damp in shady place should root in a couple of weeks.

  8. Karen Boultbee says:

    Leave it in water until it gets some roots, then transplant outdoors weather permitting, my hydrangeas are growing in composted soil.

  9. Audrey Shepherd says:

    I just put mine in soil and kept inside till it started to grow then hardened it off outside then planted in the garden now it is enormas

  10. Gloria Magpantay says:

    Heinze i just put them in the ground

  11. Gillian Jones says:

    i was given a cutting off brother in law in a pot a

  12. Gillian Jones says:

    sorry pressed post, cutting was in a pot i let i grow on then planted it out last year second year in soil

  13. Carla Newall says:

    Corness Thank u everyone x

  14. Maya Odlin says:

    I would also remove the bigger leaves at the bottom so the plant will put its energy into the new roots. I’ve always just left hydrangea in water for a couple of days and then just stick them straight in a pot in the garden, just make sure the soil doesn’t dry out.☺

  15. Jill Parkinson says:

    Let it root, pot on but beware the slugs new shoots, they keep getting mine so it’s now game on ?

  16. Beryl Quayle says:

    I have more success if I make sure the cutting actually is pushed into the soil so that it is touching the pot. No idea why but it seems to work. Plastic bag over the top (or put the whole thing in a plastic bag and leave quiet).

  17. Look on YouTube for leaf propagation

  18. Chris Nicolls says:

    All mine just get potted in the soil I use for hanging baskets. It works for me. Watch the related YouTube videos, or follow the good advice here. I have not used leaves. When I cut back in the spring, I cut a couple of branches, a little further back and use them.

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