“how do they know what do I charge for shipping?

Hello everyone!
I applied to and was accepted at Amazon Handmade. Just registered and was overwhelmed by the whole process!
I listed one product and teh I thought “how do they know what do I charge for shipping?” and then had to look for the “shipping” settings in order to set mine…
Didnt find it to be very user friendly.
Do you know if there are “Sell on Amazon Handmade Guide” kind of document?


  1. Magda Lenka says:

    Ive had 2 attempts at registering and its so time consuming and exhausting that Im passing…! They even want photos of your work space!!!

  2. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Yes, but I sent a very basic photo of my kitchen table with my materials in it and it was fine. The worst is after registering. 🙂

  3. Magda Lenka says:

    Marisa Pelicano dont tell me it can get any worse!

  4. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Magda Lenka ? Im sorry to say that, so far, is a mess!

  5. Susana Pangan-Hanstock says:

    Ive given up on them! Sent photos of myworkspace at home, they didnt seem pleased, asked for more photos…. i do personalised balloon gifts with printed message on the balloon, they wanted to know where i get my fonts, etc, etc. I just dint like the process.

  6. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Susana Pangan-Hanstock weird! Maybe its the type of item, I sell clothing. The kitchen photo was enough. But all the store management is freaking me out!

  7. Hayley Kellard says:

    Susana Pangan-Hanstock they asked me for this too and I sent so much info back, basically my whole process listed in full, tons of photos and not even heard back!

  8. Hala Ismail says:

    Yes it is very long and after you go through half of it, they tell you they need pictures of your workshop (I too used a pic of my table with the beading tray) but be patient.
    As for shipping you can decide on your own what you want to charge. You will have your product price plus the shipping in the listing. You can always change it if you want to. I found it difficult too, but I sent an email, and minutes later they called and helped. Best feature they have!

  9. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Hala Ismail thanks for your input! ? Hope to do it all soon.

  10. Charlotte Whiteley says:

    I sell on handmade. it is obtuse, but i make good money there

  11. Charlotte Whiteley says:

    theres not one document that makes it easy, there are like, videos no one has time to watch and a seller university, and other support tho.
    some of the support is crowdsourced on forums, and you can get some hand-holding. they do want products that sell, so they make money, so they benefit when you do, but – they will also use the market research your sales stats provide to outsell you with other similar products.

  12. Marisa Pelicano says:

    Charlotte Whiteley thanks!

  13. Jennifer Breaux says:

    I tried it recently and I gave up too! It takes way to long to add a product.

  14. Lee Ann Richards says:

    Same here!! I felt like they were going to ask for my fingerprints! I mean really…. my license and a bank statement!! Then once I figured out shipping, I couldnt figure out how to list something. I will try again soon!

  15. Hala Ismail says:

    To list, go to inventory on the upper left, in the drop down menu click on add an item, and take it from there. Beware of additional information..its waaaaaay too long and annoying. Makes you appreciate the forms in etsy!

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