how do you guys like chanel bleu

how do you guys like chanel bleu


  1. Terry Vincent says:

    Francis Lennox EDT version is excellent

  2. Siamak Simon says:

    Kiani The edt is best. Buy it on a group. Not worth retail.

  3. Ross Karpinski says:

    Most versatile in my collection. I use it for every occasion. Safe and sophisticated

  4. Ross Karpinski says:

    I own the Edt version as well. Thinking of getting the parfum version

  5. Mattie Fuller says:

    I wore Parfum last night and it was really nice. Sweeter than the EDP if I recall (which I used to own).

  6. Jim Tyrrell says:

    Nice but generic to my nose. A crowd pleaser. Smells good on others

  7. Dexter Charles says:

    EDT is what I have and it works well as the bright fresh scent. I also have Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Blu which is really close to BDC EDP that has the added creamy nature and touch of darkness but still fresh… So covered on both. Also the EDT in my experience, its more of a woody fragrance than the aromatic fresh. The woody cedar drydown has a longer phase than the fresh opening is what I mean.

  8. Shayan Azizi says:

    The EDP is my signature scent, I love the scent myself, it exudes confidence. On top of that I’m almost tired of the compliments I receive, it’s surely a crowd pleaser.

    I wouldn’t recommend the Parfum. Stick to either the EDT or EDP…

  9. Jason Yeomans says:

    I like the edt ??..

  10. Alexandru-Mihail Deleanu says:

    Meh, but still a bit better than Sauvage.

  11. Carlos Munoz says:

    I like the edp.

  12. Darryl Behlin says:

    Love the parfum

  13. Leon EDP all the way! Easylay!

  14. Jason Tucker says:

    Ehhh.. it’s ok

  15. Elena Knezevic says:

    I love the edt, it is great ginger fizz in it.

  16. Christoph Georg says:

    Volni Bleu, Aventus, Invictus, One Million and Office for Men are the best fragrances ever created, so GO and get them and layer them with eachother

  17. Delshawn C. says:

    McDaniel Edt is great and edp is even greater

  18. Brad Andersen says:

    EDT is my daily go to. Great scent for absolutely any occasion.

  19. Robert Proctor says:

    Love all 3, if you only are planning on getting one, I’d suggest the EDP. ??

  20. Jay Bullington says:

    Chambourd Sunny side up, with a side of bacon

  21. Very enjoyable. Other like it too…typically what a designer should do.

  22. Donelle Wright says:

    I have all three, it’s my favorite fragrance.

  23. Paulie Peanuts says:

    I have the vintage stuff not sure how it compares to now, but i think its probably the best one in its class..

  24. Philippe White says:

    I love it so much that I own the EDT, edp, and the parfum

  25. Donovan Twaddle says:

    Don’t like it at all.

  26. JD Hernandez says:

    Leon Exquisite for office! Casual! Dates.

  27. Myles Silton says:

    meh. gets a lot of good press. to me, it’s generic, dull and completely forgettable. that said, loads of folks seem to really like it.

  28. It’s a nothing scent that has poor projection and longevity and totally over hyped

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