How does your day look like from start to finish?

A question for the business minded folks out there – How does your day look like from start to finish? I always have all these ideas and make lists, but I just feel so stuck, and my shop is not where I want it to be. Any insight would be great! Thank you in advance!


  1. Laurie Allen says:

    Ugh, I would be interested too. I seem to go in so many directions chasing the next thing that might help me sell. Focusing is a difficult thing. I wish someone would give me a road map.

  2. Barbara Birdsall Bailey says:

    I have a somewhat flexible schedule, based on what I do best at any particular day part. I do *At Least* one hour on each of these parts of my business daily, with marketing every morning, then photos, then listings, and then new products. At the end of the day, I package everything that sold that day so it is ready to ship the next morning when the mailman gets here. On slow days, I add in research, and bookkeeping.

  3. Chrissy Harrison says:

    Idk if this well help but a typical day for me is get kids to school, check email, check all of my sites I sell on, i have folders for the week so I know what has to ship that day, crank music, social media mostly pinterest and IG, paint orders, check emails, transfer money and pay bills, check supplies, check email, take photos, pick kids up, pack orders, check email, possibly social media, design graphics if need be, take orders to post office, check email, then mom time, and in the evening answer random questions that come thru. I have a weekly task list as well that I follow for minimum protocol.

  4. Liz Sword says:

    Thanks ladies. I appreciate your input.

  5. Joanna Jorgensen says:

    Look into block schedules, there are many different types. Blocking out certain amounts of time to get certain tasks done is the only way I can do it. Morning is for email, ordering supplies, social media, computer work etc, but I have certain hours after that, that are used for making only not computer work.

  6. Jennifer Troxclair says:

    I use a bullet journal to help me organize ideas and thoughts but also tasks. I have a full time job so I can only dedicate 1 hour a day and about 10-15 on weekends And this helps me keep organized

  7. Lisa Machin says:

    I use Trello lists to make a sort of virtual bullet journal. Start the day with general admin and housekeeping, do the creative stuff (creating designs, writing blog posts) during the day and finish up the evening with social media. I have a day job too, so need to be organised with lots of check lists!

  8. I used to go in many different directions but my husband helped me. I maintain an ideas list and also make a quarterly plan i.e a plan for 3 months. This is how I do it. I write my goal for the quarter and then write the most important ideas than can help me achieve that goal. The ideas should be doable in that time frame. I keep the remaining ideas on the idea list. The ideas for the quarter go in the plan. I print the plan and stick it in my workplace so I have my focus. I put every new idea that comes in this duration in the idea list. This helps me keep my focus. This is a great method because at the end of the quarter, I would have done something substantial and I can evaluate what really worked and what didnt.

  9. Hayley Kellard says:

    I’m in a bit of a routine now, I reply to any messages/emails first thing and update my spreadsheet with new orders received then will start making up products in the morning and afternoon is packaging stuff up. I’d really like to spend more time on Ideas I’ve got, a newsletter, blog, new products etc but I’m so swamped with orders (not complaining!) that it’s all I’ve really got time for.

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