How long are marigolds supposed to flower for ty

How long are marigolds supposed to flower for ty , as mine had trebled in size and still flowering with a vengeance not complaining I love it but I thought they only flowered in summer . England


  1. Jody Shields says:

    Most healthy annuals will thrive until the first hard frost!

  2. Pamela Peckhoyt says:

    I live in central New York, once autumn hits and we get the cooler days and nights and more rain they grow like weeds, I wait until after a heavy frost or light snow and cut the dead heads off and save to plant next year, mine have more than tripled in size, and blossoms are beautiful

  3. Laura Ashley says:

    In coastal Connecticut ours are doing the same thing. And so are the nasturtiums and peppers!

  4. Roby Imran says:

    We are experiencing an Indian Summer this year, they’ll keep going till the heavy frosts

  5. Gail Bourne says:

    Canada as well. keep the heads for seeds, next spring.

  6. Lillian Wuori says:

    Yes…in Toronto we are having a warm Ocober and so many things are still flowering….

  7. Fiona Lindegreen says:

    We got frost the other night, did most the flowers in. Orillia Ont.

  8. Sandra Commins says:

    Sandy Stagg torontonian here too! My marigolds are thriving too, my mint, celery, kale and parsley are doing well….we have had snow dust, frost, and hail on and off in Vaughan a couple of days ago.

  9. Linda Bode says:

    we moved here last summer, retired. We are in a new community, so lots of open fields. I think the frost really got them, also snow, freezing rain. I still have lots of buds on my flowers, so keep my fingers crossed. Have lots of seeds for next year.

  10. Lynda Rose says:

    I found Marigolds in bloom here today in off places. I guess their seeds had been blown by the wind.

  11. Mukesh Kumar Singh says:

    Thanku for the info guys much appreciated….

  12. Sandra Commins says:

    They are like weeds, they just keep.spreading.

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