I buy the EDT again or go to the EDP?

Nearing the end of this excellent scent. Do I buy the EDT again or go to the EDP? Honest opinion.


  1. Edp is much stronger

  2. Muzzammil Beelut says:

    I prefer the Edt. Much better sillage.

  3. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Never tried the Edp, but if it’s stronger than that, I wouldn’t wanna wear it

  4. Andrew Serkaian says:

    EDP I hear is very iffy depending on the nose, regardless how generic EDT smells, it is universally pleasing to your average Joe and Jessica who aren’t perfume experts, except for people who are really into colognes

  5. Mark Wunder says:

    Everything smells good to Noobs lol even axe

  6. Eugene H. Bigham says:

    Said the guy who probably go around smelling like used medical bandages. You can call it Gucci Guilty absolute.

  7. Roger Rios says:

    Eugene H. Bigham pm

  8. Richard Salazar Jr says:

    I prefer EDP, I feel I get more projection with it. I also feel there is more depth with it over the EDT.

  9. Josue Salazar says:

    Stick to the edt, fresher, better value, and better longevity.

  10. John M. Brooks says:

    Josue Salazar not even close

  11. Michael Bombard says:

    If you have to, EDP > EDT – the latter is too loud and piercing.

  12. Anthony Mack says:

    EDP all the way

  13. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I’m not even half way on the edt and I’ve had it 2 years now. I do want a small bottle of the edp for next year. Same thing with TF grey vetiver, I need a full bottle of the edt and a small bottle of the edp. These fragrances are more powerful than women, got me spending my money

  14. Pao Chong says:

    EDT if you like fresh. EDP if you’re looking for more depth

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