I have seen a few articles going around about

I have seen a few articles going around about not using coffee grounds as fertilizer. I’ve always heard it was good. Can anyone confirm if they have had food or bad experiences with this.


  1. Tom Sikorski says:

    I’ve used composted coffee grounds in my gardens for nearly 40 years without any issues. Some of the info you see online isn’t always accurate . Some may fear that it is too acidic or can change the soil pH but if you compost it there shouldn’t be any issues.

  2. Tanya Overton says:

    Summers Very useful! Thank you both ?

  3. Ched Garcia says:

    I mix it with my potting soil.

  4. Cameron Grant says:

    I read a study that I believe Oregon State did and it said the problem wasn’t with USED coffee grounds it was the FRESH grounds that slightly acidified soil. If you live in an area that has lime in your soil then it’s just gonna acidify the lime and bounce the soil Ph back to where it originally was anyways.

  5. Sylvia Gavan says:

    I have been using it against slugs.

  6. Patricia Worley says:

    I use coffee grounds 4 the last year and my plants all look twice as good .I aso use miracle grow 2 times a moth

  7. Patricia Worley says:

    2 times a month sorry can’t spell?

  8. Roby Imran says:

    I use it extensively all over my garden as mulch, love the stuff, and yeah, it DOES NOT effect the ph of soil !!

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