I heard about Creed Aventus. Any good?

I heard about Creed Aventus. Any good?
😛 lmao


  1. Hugo Ponce says:

    You are quite the arsonist aren’t you? ???

  2. Youness Fourar says:

    Damn bro chill its your first post ?

  3. Robb Moreira says:

    Just poking. I know, I know, I’ll stop lmao

  4. Stefan Oudejans says:

    Just average !

  5. June Bencosme says:

    It scares women away not a fragrance you want tbh

  6. Thein Aung Tan says:

    Really. No woman likes it! One I know even hates it!

  7. Yanek Yakubov says:

    Just a theory I have, I could be wrong ?

    It scares away the majority of younger women because it’s manly. It only pulls in certain younger girls who love “daddy’s” and it also pulls in MILFS. It pulls MILFS because during their era, the market was popular with manly type fragrances like “Fahrenheit, One Man Show” etc. That’s what they were built to like. Now the market is unisex/mass pleasing fragrances like “One Million, Eros, Ultra Male” and any type of manly fragrance is usually seen as less appealing. That’s why Aventus only attracts certain women, due to its masculinity.

  8. June Bencosme says:

    I think you didnt catch on to the trolling ? it pulls ALL the women.

  9. Don Edirisinghe says:

    It is the best perfume ever! bar none

  10. Brian Wade says:

    It’s definitely one of the most talked about. Positive or negative. I think some people just like the way the word sounds. Those of us that like it seem obsessed with it and those that hate it seem obsessed with it. Either way it gets a lot of attention. ?

  11. Damon Alfonso says:

    Creed Aventus? What’s that? Never heard of it!

  12. Kevin Turner says:

    Is that a fragrance from the rock group or the boxer? ?

  13. Robb Moreira says:

    Pretty sure Scott Stapp became a perfumer, no?

  14. Dave Lewin says:

    Nah I just keep buying bottles. ?

  15. Dave Lewin says:

    Only been in the game 9 months and I know this is a must have baby!

  16. Michael Anthony Cole says:

    Many in this group hate Aventus. I wouldn’t wear it myself, but it can be nice on others.
    Try it and see if you like it.

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