I just smelled Mont Blanc Explorer So far it

I just smelled Mont Blanc Explorer. So far it smells exactly like Aventus.


  1. Enrique Castillo says:

    I thought it smelled brighter

  2. Chris Arcarola says:

    Nah I dont think so at all. Picked up a bottle just to check it out. Wore it 3 or 4 times and I can attest without any uncertainty that its not anywhere near Aventus. There’s no depth. It’s not bad. Just not Aventus

  3. SCENTual Obsessions says:

    Perfume I smelled it but didn’t wear it and agree, just toned. Seems like the performance wouldn’t be too great

  4. I got more of ambroxin

  5. Sash Pecinov says:

    More citrus, less smoke and wood
    No Vanilla
    Still a good fragrance…See More

  6. Frank Steiner says:

    So far it doesn’t smell exactly like Aventus.
    The Ambroxan is way to prominent to say, “exactly like”.

  7. Eric Smith says:

    You need a new olfactive unit.

  8. Michael Blenheim says:

    Only the dry down imo , I was like on first spray “ this don’t smell like aventus “

  9. Brandon Baros says:

    I’d def pick it up and give a bottle a blind buy when it reaches <30$. Still waiting on Azzaro Chrome Aqua prices to take a huge dip too; it's really good for a Chrome flanker

  10. Bob Charlton says:

    I thought it was not even close.

  11. It has always confounded me that no other legit designer brand had cloned Aventus and brought it mainstream. Now watch Mont Blanc rise and own the sales charts.

  12. Stéphane Gauthier says:

    I smelled it at Sephora today. Just threw the strip away in the bin after a few seconds. I don’t even want to have an opinion about it 😛

  13. Daniel Wurz says:

    Explorer is like Aventus’ ashy little newphew that keeps bugging you at every cookout

  14. Samuel Gao says:

    99% of gen pop wouldn’t know the difference.

  15. Oscar Vee says:

    You Must Not Own A Bottle Of Aventus.

  16. Aftab Fez says:

    Initially it is pretty deceptive but you quickly realize it has zero depth compared to Aventus. No smoke either and Explorer lasted a whole 30m-1h before it became a skin scent (granted that’s EDP vs EDT but still). I think BN9 Http is a better alternative if you want a blast of pineapple with decent performance

  17. Rainer Ziegon says:

    I would understand if you said that about Mercedes-Benz Select, which does have similarities, but Montblanc Explorer smells completely different

  18. Samuel Gao says:

    I like my aventus batch 18f21, I think it’s the perfect balance of everything! However! The performance is shit. So I’m rocking my vibrant leather, and most people thought it was my aventus. I’m really digging emperor over extrait from parfums vintage. But I cannot stand their green isle… the opening is woah… too much compared to my GIT bottle.

  19. Maximos Akrivos says:

    No it doesn’t ? this is a problem when I see purchases being influenced by youtubers

  20. Asad Khan says:

    Khalil With 3hours performance

  21. Alonzo Eddie says:

    Smells better than aventus

  22. It is similar! but I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same lol..

  23. Salamandar Octopous says:

    not exactly. Take a look at Gents Scents review. The only one who a real review about this frag composition. It’s not because there share a perfume note, mean it’s a clone. The iris note in Valentino Uomo Don’t make it a clone of Dior Homme.

  24. Jason Cartieri says:

    I don’t think it does. Maybe slight vibes. When I smelled it a while back to me it instantly reminded me of something else I have though. English Laundry London. Also gets the comparison but again maybe slight vibes from both of these, but neither really smell like Aventus

  25. Pernell Grayson says:

    But it doesnt though

    I smelled it in the mall. It smells inspired by it but not like it

  26. Jeffrey Reid says:

    Pittman It does. Many things do smell LIKE Aventus. But nothing but Aventus is Aventus. GOAT.

  27. Ahmed Mostafa says:

    No way, never be.

  28. Irwin Maatrijk says:

    First Aventus inspiration by a serious fragrance house and its allready a massive hit.

  29. Jorge Alberto says:

    Damn, some of these dudes act like he just offended their moms.

    Aventus batches differ, so saying it smells like Aventus opens a can of worms. I’ve smelled it, and damn right it reminds me of Aventus. Unfortunately that’s not saying much these days

  30. It is Aventus without it’s signature smokey pineapple
    I donno why, but it still smell like Aventus…!!

  31. Dan Robertson says:

    I didn’t realise it had been compared to or inspired by Aventus when I smelled it and yet, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Aventus clone!’ Anybody suggesting they aren’t similar is spouting shite.

  32. Phil Lancaster says:

    It’s definately close but not nearly as good quality

  33. Robert Bobby says:

    Aldrich “Yea but which batch?” ???

  34. David Smith says:

    Child please lol I gave it a test run and similar but not exactly

  35. Paulie Peanuts says:

    Who got a sample or decant of this i can try..

  36. Ahmet Indere says:

    opening is close minus the pineapple, drydown is different but beautiful

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